Setting the PACE in Product Development book cover

Setting the PACE in Product Development

A Guide to Product and Cycle-time Excellence

Setting the PACE in Product Development describes how to effectively manage the key ingredients of successful product development: time, quality, talent and resources.This revised edition of Product Development provides essential insight as to how to efficiently organize people, resources and processes to dramatically improve financial results, strategic positions, internal morale and customer satisfaction. The PACE techniques integrate vital company-wide functions, engaging the entire company and focusing its collective energy on strategically and financially important goals.

managers; business professionals


Published: July 1996

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-9789-7


  • Excellent real-world treatment of a very complex issue in business.


  • *The battleground of the 1990s *PACE:An integrated process for product and cycle-time excellence *The phase review process and effective decision making *The core team approach to project organisation *Structured product development *Product Strategy and new product innovation *Technology management *Design techniques and automated development tools *Pipeline Management *Implementation *Stages in the evolution of the product development process *Implementing PACE:how to make it real and make it lasting.


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