Semiconductor Materials and Process Technology Handbook

Edited by

  • Gary F. McGuire, MCNC, Electronic Technologies Division, Research Triangle Park, NC


  • Gary F. McGuire, MCNC, Electronic Technologies Division, Research Triangle Park, NC

This handbook is a broad review of semiconductor materials and process technology, with emphasis on very large-scale integration (VLSI) and ultra large scale integration (ULSI). The technology of integrated circuit (IC) processing is expanding so rapidly that it can be difficult for the scientist working in one area to keep abreast of developments in other areas of the field. This handbook solves this problem by bringing together "snapshots" of the various aspects of the technology.
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Materials scientists and engineers in the semiconductor field.


Book information

  • Published: December 1988
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-1150-2

Table of Contents

Introduction References1. Silicon Materials Technology Introduction Silicon Crystal Growth Wafer Preparation Material Properties Process-Induced Defects Oxygen in Silicon References2. The Thermal Oxidation of Silicon and Other Semiconductor Materials Introduction and Background Silicon Thermal Oxidation Kinetics Properties of Thermal Oxides Process Variable/Oxidation Reaction Dependencies Oxidation Mechanism Other Oxidation Processes Future Trends References3. Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon and Its Compounds Introduction Epitaxial Deposition HCI In Situ Etching Gettering Selective Deposition CVD of Dielectric Films X-Ray Lithography Mask Fabrication References4. Chemical Etching and Slice Cleanup of Silicon Introduction Orientation Dependent Cleaving of Silicon Orientation Dependent Etching and Orientation Dependent Deposition (110) Orientation Dependent Effects Defect Delineation Etching Slice Cleanup Precleanup Solvent Rinse Choline Cleanup Process References5. Plasma Processing: Mechanisms and Applications Introduction Fundamental Aspects Plasma Etching Plasma Deposition Summary and Conclusions References6. Physical Vapor Deposition Introduction The Vacuum Environment Evaporation Molecular Beam Epitaxy Sputtering Thin Film Growth and Properties Metallization of Semiconductor Devices References7. Diffusion and Ion Implantation in Silicon Introduction Continuum Theory Atomic Theory of Diffusion The Role of Point Defects in Silicon Processing Diffusion in the Presence of Excess Point Defects Characteristics of Silicon Self-Diffusion Dopant Diffusion in Silicon Design Considerations for Implanted-Diffused Layers Ion Implantation References8. Microlithography for VLSI Introduction Forming the Resist Film Generation of the Aerial Image for Electron Beam Mask Making Interaction of Electrons with the Workpiece Exposure and Development of Photoresist on Semiconductor Wafers Formation of the Aerial Image in Projection Mask Aligners Interaction of Ultra-Violet Light with Photoresist Exposure and Development of Photoresist Films on Reflective Substrates Emerging New Technologies References9. Metallization for VLSI Interconnect and Packaging Introduction Wiring Structure Impact of Device Scaling Electrical Characteristics Material Reaction Metallization Reliability Summary References10. Characterization of Semiconductor Materials Introduction Surface Analysis Techniques Imaging Analysis Techniques Bulk Analysis Techniques References Index