Semiconductor Industrial Hygiene Handbook

Monitoring, Ventiliation, Equipment and Ergonomics


  • David G. Baldwin, Apple Computer, Inc.
  • Paul C. Manz, Hewlett-Packard, USA
  • Michael E. Williams, Amry Research Laboratory, Monmouth, NY, USA

This book provides a comprehensive review of the primary industrial hygiene topics relevant to semiconductor processing: chemical and physical agents, and ventilation systems. The book also has excellent chapters on newer industrial hygiene concerns that are not specific to the semiconductor industry: ergonomics, indoor air quality, personal protective equipment, plan review, and records retention. While much of the information in these chapters can be applied to all industries, the focus and orientation is specific to issues in the semiconductor industry.
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Industrial hygienists and safety engineers in the semiconductor industry


Book information

  • Published: December 1995
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-1369-8

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 1.0 Foreword 2.0 Overview of Book 3.0 Background References2. Industrial Hygiene Monitoring 1.0 Overview of IH Monitoring 2.0 Assessment Tools 3.0 Biomonitoring: Urinary Arsenic Testing 4.0 Chemical Agents References3. Industrial Hygiene Monitoring: Physical Agents 1.0 Noise 2.0 Non-Ionizing Radiation 3.0 Ionizing Radiation References4. Ventilation 1.0 Background 2.0 Types 3.0 Monitoring 4.0 Guidelines/Standards References5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 1.0 Background 2.0 Chemical Protective Gloves 3.0 Respiratory Protection References6. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) 1.0 Recognition of IAQ Problems 2.0 Odor Identification 3.0 Causative Agents 4.0 Evaluation of IAQ Problems 5.0 Generally Recognized Acceptable Levels 6.0 Industrial Hygiene IAQ Monitoring Equipment 7.0 Prevention of IAQ Problems 8.0 Records References7. Ergonomics 1.0 Background 2.0 Identification and Evaluation of Physical Stressors 3.0 Stressful Postures Associated with CTD'S 4.0 Semiconductor Ergonomic/Material Handling Exposures 5.0 Ergonomic Design and Layout Principles 6.0 Semiconductor Equipment 7.0 Summary References8. Industrial Hygiene Recordkeeping 1.0 General 2.0 Continuous Monitor Records 3.0 Ventilation Records 4.0 Employee Communication 5.0 Personnel Records References9. Plan Review 1.0 Overview References Appendices Appendix A: Silicon Ingot and Wafer Manufacturing Appendix B: Silicon Device Manufacturing Introduction Appendix C: III-V (GaAs) Appendix D: III-V Device: Microwave IC Appendix E: Ion Implanter Maintenance Safety Considerations Appendix F: Bibliography Glossary and Acronyms Index