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Selected Topics in the History of Biochemistry

Personal Recollections, Part II

One of the most exciting developments in biological sciences has been their merging with chemistry and physics resulting in the new disciplines of biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology. As the developments of these new disciplines has been so rapid many of the key discoveries have occurred within the life-time of a number of prominent scientists in the field. The chapters in this and in future volumes are meant to complement with personal recollections by these scientists, the History of Biochemistry in this series (vols. 30-33 by M. Florkin and Vol. 34 by P. Laszlo). These bibliographic and autobiographic chapters convey to the reader lively, albeit at times subjective, views on both the scientific and social environments of the authors. The editor cosidered it presumptuous to give the authors narrow guidelines or to suggest changes in the chapters he received. The contributions assembled in this volume will convey the flavour of each author's particular personality.

Included in series
Comprehensive Biochemistry


Published: January 1986

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-80702-1


  • General preface. Chapter 1. A backward glance (J.M. Buchanan). Chapter 2. The discovery of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase. In memoriam M.F. Utter (K. Kurahashi). Chapter 3. Jeffries Wyman and Myself: a story of two interacting lives (J.T. Edsall). Chapter 4. The BAL-labile factor in the respiratory chain (E.C. Slater). Chapter 5. Experiences in biochemistry (N.O. Kaplan). Chapter 6. A half century of biochemistry (H.A. Lardy). Chapter 7. A biochemist`s view of his struggle for knowledge. Review of forty years service to science (M. Klingenberg). Chapter 8. Peter Hemmerich: an eventful life around flavins. Memoirs dictated in the last weeks of his life, August 1981 with an introductory note (H. Beinert). Chapter 9. Adventures and research (E. Lederer). Chapter 10. Recurrent luck in research (N.W. Pirie).


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