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Selected Topics from Neurochemistry

This book contains up-dated versions of articles which proved very popular when first published in Neurochemistry International. The articles draw attention to developments in a specific field perhaps unfamiliar to the reader, collating observations from a wide area which seem to point in a new direction, giving the author's personal view on a controversial topic, or directing soundly based criticism at some widely held dogma or widely used technique in the neurosciences.

For neurochemists, neurologists and neuropathologists.


Published: September 1985

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-031994-0


  • ...This book will be of great interest and value to students and research workers in the Neurosciences.
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  • (partial) Some fundamental theoretical and practical problems associated with neurochemical techniques in mammalian studies, H Hillman. Metabolic and functional studies on post-mortem human brain, J A Hardy & P R Dodd. Communication between neurones: current concepts, N N Osborne. Possible mechanisms involved in the release and modulation of release of neuroactive agents, J R Cooper & E M Meyer. Cholinergic systems in mammalian brain identified with antibodies against choline acetyltransferase, B H Wainer et al. Neural control of muscle, S R Max & G J Markelonis. Neurochemical aspects of the opioid-induced 'catatonia', U Havemann & K Kuschinsky. Polyamine metabolism and function in brain, N Seiler. Current status of the biogenic amine theory of depression, B E Leonard. GABA and endocrine regulation - relation to neurologic-psychiatric disorders, F V DeFeudis. Central GABA-ergic systems and feeding behavior, F V DeFeudis. GABA and "neurocardiovascular" mechanisms, F V DeFeudis. Effects of psychoactive agents on GABA binding processes, F V DeFeudis.


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