Seed Dispersal book cover

Seed Dispersal

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Published: January 1987

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-511900-9


  • Contributors.Foreword.Preface.The Aerial Motion of Seeds, Fruits, Spores and Pollen, F.M. Burrows.Seed Dispersal by Water, D.R. Murray.Seed Dispersal Syndromes in Australian Acacia, D.J. O'Dowd and A.M. Gill.Seed Dispersal by Fruit-Eating Birds and Mammals, H.F. Howe.Rodents as Seed Consumers and Dispersers, M.V. Price and S.H. Jenkins.Seed Dispersal in Relation to Fire, R.J. Whelan.Evolution of Seed Dispersal Syndromes According to the Fossil Record, B.H. Tiffney.Species Index.Subject Index.


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