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Sedimentary Rocks in the Field

A Color Guide

Sediments and sedimentary rocks cover 70% of the Earth's surface, and make up a significant portion of the geological record. Understanding the processes (physical, chemical and biological) that lead to formation of sedimentary material is key in disciplines ranging from geology to environmental science to archaeology. But before interpretation must come observation and identification: Stow's Field Guide is a must-have for this distinctly visual processProfessor Stow has culled his extensive research experience into a succinct guide designed for students and professionals in geophysics, geochemistry, paleontology, soil sciences, environmental sciences and more. Sections on field techniques and reader-friendly descriptions also make this guide accessible to amateur geologists.

Professionals and Students in geology, environmental sciences, ocean sciences, geochemistry and soil sciences; also for professionals in resource management, petroleum geology and more.

Paperback, 320 Pages

Published: March 2005

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-369451-5


  • "The colored edging to the pages makes for rapid reference to different chapters. The grain-size comparator chart and sediment description checklist are very helpfully reproduced as flaps to the front and back covers of the book...recommended for inclusion in the backpack...this is definitely a book to have and use." E. Maddocks for "Open University Geological Society Journal" "An excellent and really beautiful book illustrating our fascinating discipline. It is more than a field guide, as it offers an introduction to basics in sedimentology as well...I can highly recommend this book!" T. Aigner for Journal of Sedimentary Research "There is no other sedimentological guide that combines such high-quality photos with such informative captions and text...Dorrik Stow's preface ends with the plea that this book should be taken in the field and used. [The book] is robustly constructed with this in mind, and the cost represents excellent value for what should be many years of service." N. Woodcock for Geological Magazine "A veritable tour de force which, as Arnold Bouma says in the Foreword, is a much needed addition to the literature of sedimentology. As a tool in the field kit, this book is excellent for professional geologists, teachers, students and amateur enthusiasts." B. Sellwood for Sedimentary Geology "This book is recommended for Academic Libraries that support geology programs, especially those with programs that include field work." -Linda Zellmer, Head, Geology Library, Indiana University for E-STREAMS, Jan 2007


  • Contents:Preface Acknowledgemnets1 Overview2 Field Techniques3 Principal Characteristics of Sedimentary Rocks4 Conglomerates5 Sandstones6 Mudrocks7 Carbonate Rocks8 Cherts and Siliceous Sediments9 Phosphorites10 Coal and Oil11 Evaporites12 Ironstones13 Soils, Paleosols, and Duricrusts14 Volvaniclastic Sediments15 Interpretations and Depositional EnvironmentsReferences and Key TextsMetric-Imperial ConversionsIndexAppendices – Stratigraphic Timescale – Mapping Symbols – Grain-Size Comparator Chart – Sediment Description Checklist – Wulff Stereonet – Lambert Equal-Area Projection


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