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Security Systems & Intruder Alarms

An alarm system and total security coverage is today essential for every factory, business and shop. This book is a comprehensive guide to evaluating security needs, planning and purchasing a system, and managing a security system. It is essential reading for business managers, premises managers, shop owners, shopping centre managers, and security professionals.As well as a complete guide to alarm systems, including their installation, Vivian Capel explores all areas of security that should concern businesses, encompassing fire, fraud, liability claims, shoplifting, violence to staff and computer crime.The second edition is a long awaited revision that brings this popular guide up to date with the latest technology and recent developments in security strategy, such as the applications of CCTV. In addition, a case study has been added which provides the reader with an opportunity to test their own knowledge and judgement- solutions are provided at the end of the chapter!

Security professionals, systems designers and installers

Hardbound, 301 Pages

Published: April 1999

Imprint: Newnes

ISBN: 978-0-7506-4236-1


  • Alarm system requirements; The basic alarm system; Control equipment; Sensors; Space protection sensors; Sounding the alarm; Closed- circuit television; General security; Planning a security system; Domestic systems; Preventing shoplifting; Violence against staff; Employee theft; Fire alarm systems; Public liability; Installing intruder alarms; Testing the intruder alarm; Fault finding and maintenance of alarms; The National Supervisory Council for intruder alarms; Installation and maintenance of fire alarms; Case study; Reference information; British standards; Index


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