Security Management book cover

Security Management

Business Strategies for Success

Security personnel are being asked to justify their existence in a corporate environment. They must prove their worth in dollars and cents by showing the return on investing in loss prevention. This means security departments are being forced to contribute more to the business as a whole. This book will show security managers and personnel how to go about this, and how to achieve quality in their departments.

Security managers and personnel, especially corporate security.

Hardbound, 328 Pages

Published: December 1994

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-9492-6


  • well organized excellent concepts for facilitating security incorporating rather than being isolated excellent suggestions for enhancing the communication process


  • Setting the Stage; Establishing the Business Case; Developing a Successful Marketing Plan; Quality Assurance in Cost Containment Times; Today's Strategies: Management Fads or Management Tools; Strategies for Success; Outsourcing: Your Strategic Partner; In Pursuit of Excellence; Appendix


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