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Security, ID Systems and Locks

The Book on Electronic Access Control

Written in clear and simple terms, Security, ID Systems and Locks provides the security professional with a complete understanding of all aspects of electronic access control. Each chapter includes important definitions, helpful study hints, highlighted review, and application questions.Security, ID Systems and Locks will teach you how to:· Work with consultants· Negotiate with dealers· Select communications options· Understand what computer professionals are saying· Provide better securityThroughout the book, the reader will find advice from security professionals, computer wizards, and seasoned trainers. Topics include a history of access control, modern ID technology, locks, barriers, sensors, computers, wiring, communications, and system design and integration.Joel Konicek has worked in almost every phase of the security industry. He is president and co-founder of Northern Computers, Inc., sits on the board of the Security Industry Association (SIA) and serves as SIA's Education Committee chairperson. He has lectured widely and conducted training seminars on sales and technical support issues.Karen Little, a technical writer and trainer, has been president of Clear Concepts since 1992. She provides research, writing, and illustrations for technical documentation, training manuals, Web sites, and interactive multimedia.

Security professionals, students in access control training classes

Paperback, 260 Pages

Published: April 1997

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-9932-7


  • This book is interesting, informative, and enjoyable because it is written in clear, concise, and simple terms. It provides the reader with a complete understanding of electronic access control. The work is arranged in a stratighforward style that makes it useful as both a reference work and textbook. This interesting book can be referred to over and over. It should have a place in every security professional's library. -Security Management


  • Contents: Electronic Access Control, Ancient History, Credentials, Barriers, Sensors, Computers, Communications, System Design, System Integration, Case Histories, Appendix


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