Securing Intellectual Property book cover

Securing Intellectual Property

Protecting Trade Secrets and Other Information Assets

Most employeers are astounded at how easily and quickly their proprietary information can get out of their control. In a large number of cases, theft of trade secrets often involves employees leaving a company to start their own business or work for a direct competitor.Nearly all books that address the topic of trade secrets have the “spy vs. spy” perspective. The author approaches the topic from a practical business perspective and not simply creating “paranoia” for paranoia’s sake. The material for this book comes from the author’s extensive work experience as a computer forensics consultant and manager on numerous theft of trade secrets cases.

PRIMARY MARKET: CSO’s and security consultants, loss prevention directors, computer security managers and staff, physical security experts, corporate counsels, and computer security consultants.SECONDARY MARKET: Investigative law enforcement, human resource professionals, legal professionals (intellectual property lawyers), and students in security and computer security.

Paperback, 288 Pages

Published: December 2008

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7995-4


  • ForewordPreface Chapter 1:Elements of a Holistic ProgramChapter 2: Trade Secrets and Nondisclosure AgreementsChapter 3: Confidentiality, Rights Transfer, and Noncompetition Agreements for EmployeesChapter 4: IT Services—Development, Outsourcing, and ConsultingChapter 5: How to Sell Your Intellectual Property Protection ProgramChapter 6: Case Study: The Mysterious Social Engineering Attacks on Entity XChapter 7: When Insiders and/or Competitors Target a Business’s Intellectual PropertyChapter 8: When Piracy, Counterfeiting, and Organized Crime Target a Business’s Intellectual PropertyChapter 9: Physical Security: The “Duh” FactorChapter 10: Protecting Intellectual Property in a Crisis SituationChapter 11: Top Ten Ways to Shut Down HackersAppendix 1: Mutual Non-Disclosure AgreementAppendix 2: Evaluation Agreement (Pro-Recipient)Appendix 3: Employee AgreementAppendix 4: Software Development AgreementAppendix 5: Software Consulting Agreement (Favors Consultant)Appendix 6: Software Consulting Agreement (Favors Customer)Appendix 7: Web Site Development AgreementAppendix 8: Web Hosting AgreementAppendix 9: U.S. Department of Justice Checklist for Reporting a Theft of Trade Secrets Offense


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