Securing HP NonStop Servers in an Open Systems World



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Recent corporate events have exposed the frequency and consequences of poor system security implementations and inadequate protection of private information. In a world of increasingly complex computing environments, myriad compliance regulations and the soaring costs of security breaches, it is economically essential for companies to become proactive in implementing effective system and data security measures. This volume is a comprehensive reference for understanding security risks, mitigations and best practices as they apply to the various components of these business-critical computing environments.HP NonStop Servers are used by Financial, Medical, Manufacturing enterprises where there can be no down time. Securing HP NonStop Servers in an Open Systems World: OSS, TCP/IP, and SQL takes a wide angle view of NonStop Server use. This book addresses protection of the Open Systems Services environment, network interfaces including TCP/IP and standard SQL databases. It lays out a roadmap of changes since our first book HP has made to Safeguard, elaborating on the advantages and disadvantages of implementing each new version. Even the security aspects of managing Operating System upgrades are given attention. Auditors, security policy makers, information security administrators and system managers will find the practical information they need for putting security principles into practice to meet industry standards as well as compliance regulations.
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HP NonStop Server managers, Security administrators


Book information

  • Published: August 2006
  • Imprint: DIGITAL PRESS
  • ISBN: 978-1-55558-344-6

Table of Contents

IntroductionPart 1: Security Standards and CompliancePart 2: HP NonStop server SubsystemsChapter 1: Safeguard Subsystem UpdatesChapter 2: TCP/IP SubsystemChapter 3: TSM/OSM SubsystemChapter 4: DSM/SCM SubsystemChapter 5: The Open System Services (OSS) Chapter 6: ODBCChapter 7: SQL/MXPart 3: The Guardian Gazette A – ZPart 4: The OSS GazetteAppendicesAppendix A: Gathering The Audit InformationAppendix B: Tandem File CodesAppendix C: Third Party HP NonStop Server Security