Secondary Plant Products, 7 book cover

Secondary Plant Products, 7


Published: November 1981

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-675407-0


  • List of Contributors.General Preface.Preface to Volume 7.The Physiological Role(s) of Secondary (Natural) Products, E.A. Bell.Tissue Culture and the Study of Secondary (Natural) Products, D.K. Dougall.Turnover and Degradation of Secondary (Natural) Products, W. Barz and J. Köster.Secondary Plant Products and Cell and Tissue Differentiation, R. Wiermann.Compartmentation in Natural Product Biosynthesis by Multienzyme Complexes, H.A. Stafford.Secondary Metabolites and Plant Systematics, D.S. Seigler.Stereochemical Aspects of Natural Products Biosynthesis, H.G. Floss.Nonprotein Amino Acids, L. Fowden.Amines, T.A. Smith.Coumarins, S.A. Brown.Phenolic Acids, G.G. Gross.Enzymology of Alkaloid Metabolism in Plants and Microorganisms, G.R. Waller and O.C. Dermer.Biosynthesis of Plant Quinones, E. Leistner.Flavonoids, K. Hahlbrock.Lignins, H. Grisebach.Cyanogenic Glycosides, E.E. Conn.Glucosinolates, P.O. Larsen.Vegetable Tannins, E. Haslam.The Betalains: Structure, Biosynthesis, and Chemical Taxonomy, M. Piattelli.Phenylalanine Ammonia-Lyase, K.R. Hanson and E.A. Havir.Oxygenases and the Metabolism of Plants Products, V.S. Butt and C.J. Lamb.Transmethylation and Demethylation Reactions in the Metabolism of Secondary Plant Products, J.E. Poulton.Glycosylation and Glycosidases, W. Hösel.Index.Contents of Other Volumes.


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