Saunders Strategies for Test Success book cover

Saunders Strategies for Test Success

Passing Nursing School and the NCLEX Exam

An essential resource for any nursing student, this invaluable guide gives you the tools you need to overcome text anxiety and develop effective study habits. Key topics include time management, critical thinking, and problem solving, with tips to help you tackle any nursing test — from a routine quiz to the NCLEX® examination. You’ll learn how to confidently evaluate and identify the correct answer for a variety of test question types, including alternate item formats, with chapters on the nursing process, prioritization methods, and safety strategies. The book and companion CD offer 500 practice questions to help you practice the skills you are learning and gain realistic test-taking experience.


Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-5150-1


  • PART I: Study and Test Preparation

    Chapter 1 Preparing for Nursing Exams

    Chapter 2 Developing Study Skills

    Chapter 3 Reducing Test Anxiety

    Chapter 4 NCLEX Preparation

    PART II: Strategies for Success

    Chapter 5 How to Avoid "Reading Into The Question"

    Chapter 6 Positive and Negative Event Queries

    Chapter 7 Questions Requiring Prioritization

    Chapter 8 Leading and Managing, Delegating, and Assignment-Making Questions

    Chapter 9 Communication Questions

    Chapter 10 Pharmacology Questions

    Chapter 11 Additional Pyramid Strategies

    PART III: Practice Test

    Chapter 12 Fundamental Skills Questions

    Chapter 13 Adult Health Questions

    Chapter 14 Mental Health Questions

    Chapter 15 Maternity Questions

    Chapter 16 Child Health Questions

    Chapter 17 Pharmacology Questions

    Chapter 18 Delegating/Prioritizing Questions

    Chapter 19 Leadership/Management Questions

    PART IV: Appendices

    Appendix A Pyramid Points for Using Test-Taking Strategies

    Appendix B Cultural Characteristics and Practices

    Appendix C Pharmacology Strategies for Answering Test Questions

    Appendix D Commonly Used Units of Measure and Medication and Intravenous Calculations Formulas

    Appendix E Laboratory Values

    Appendix F Guidelines Related to Positioning

    Appendix G Therapeutic Diets


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