Saunders Medical Office Management book cover

Saunders Medical Office Management

With proven techniques and professional insight, this one-of-a-kind resource is your complete guide to ensuring both effective patient care and sound business practices in the medical facility. From the front office to financial management, each detailed chapter addresses the interpersonal and administrative concerns you’ll face in the management of a medical office, accompanied by realistic forms, letters, and procedural policies that help you prepare for on-the-job success. This new edition keeps you up to date on emerging developments in billing and coding, documentation, ethical and legal issues, and technological advances to help you keep your medical office at the forefront of the competitive health care field.

Paperback, 528 Pages

Published: November 2008

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-5668-3


  • 1. The Health Care Professional

    2. Personnel Management

    3. The Front Office

    4. Written Communication NEW

    5. Medical Record

    6. Billing, Coding, and Collections

    7. Fraud, Abuse, and Compliance

    8. Documentation and Risk Assessment

    9. Ethical and Legal Issues

    10. Health Care Technology

    11. Safety and Health

    12. Responsibilities of the Manager

    13. Outpatient Services, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, and Hospitals

    14. The Financial Side

    15. Medical Marketing


    A. Sample Employee Pension Plan Booklet

    B. Medicare Carriers and Medicare Fraud Units by Region

    C. Internet Website Addresses for Health Care Professionals

    D. Abbreviations and Symbols Used in the Medical Office

    E. Patient Information Handbook for Central City Gastroenterology Associates

    F. Central City Medical Associates Office Procedure and Policy Manual

    G. Answers to Teasers, Testers, and Thinkers

    H. Sample Encounter Form

    I. Audit Summary Report



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