ROI for Technology Projects

Measuring & Delivering Value


  • Brian Roulstone, Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer for Bisk Education, a leading provider in the online post secondary education and corporate training markets.
  • Jack J. Phillips, PhD in Human Resource Management., Developer of the ROI Methodology and Chair of the ROI Institute, Inc.

This is the first book focusing on the ROI for technology investments written by a technology executive for technology decision makers with the support and guidance of the foremost authority in the discipline of Return on Investment. This book leverages the talents of both authors to provide a framework and methodology that can ensure greater success in mobilizing technology initiatives. There is no other book on the market that specifically addresses the critical need to prove ROI on resource intensive technology projects with a time-tested and industry leading methodology. To date, most ROI books have focused in the areas of human performance, training, marketing, and other human capital related disciplines. With increased scrutiny of technology spending by the most complex organizations in the world, technology leaders need a 'tool kit' to help them prepare for hard-hitting discussions with their organization's CFO, president, CEO, or chairman about the return they should expect from critical technology projects. Rather than focusing top managers' attention on cutting, challenging, and controlling expenditures (as many C-level accountants prefer to do), this approach guides technology managers in providing executives with more comprehensive, balanced information that helps all involved make better business decisions. Along the way, it helps technology managers communicate more effectively with the financial decision makers in their organizations. The book also shows executives how partnering with IT leaders can help top management understand the return these technology projects can provide to the organization in increased human efficiency, automation of manual processes, unified organizational data, and other high-return results from complex and critical technology initiatives.At the same time, executives and IT professionals need to have their projects measured with a balanced perspective. While the ROI itself is very important, it's also important to capture intangibles related to the project, as well as information about application and implementation of the project. Even earlier in the cycle, it's important to capture reaction to the technology and the extent to which individuals have learned the technology. Together, these data sets represent a balanced profile of success, with ROI at the pinnacle.
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Primary market:IT, technology, elearning and finance managers and executivesTechnology consultants, business analysts and practitionersSecondary market:Corporate universities


Book information

  • Published: August 2007
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-8588-7


"A new way for measuring and valuing technology initiatives has been revealed. ROI should be part of every discussion when a firm is evaluating key technology investments within their organization. One of the smartest moves a technology professional could make is to educate themselves on the ROI methodology to demonstrate the value of critical technology initiatives within their organization.” Richard G. Klingshirn, CPA, Executive Managing Director, Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. β€œROI should be a key component of any technology investment decision. This book provides an approach which can be applied to just about any technology project across any industry to ensure decision makers have a clear understanding of the return they should expect before making strategic technology investments. Once embraced by an organization, ROI will become part of every technology discussion to ensure companies maximize the return on their strategic technology investments.” Dan Vetras, President and CEO, Talisma β€œ This book would be of value to any company to truly expose the ROI for their IT or Technology Development departments. Many executives view technology as a costly necessity, this book provides the tools necessary to ensure companies understand the true value of technology which will facilitate continued investments in IT knowing the return is there both in tangible and intangible ways.” William H. McGill, Chairman, CEO and President, MarineMax β€œ This book is a must read for any technology professional who is a champion for strategic technology investments. ROI is the best way to expose the value of making strategic technology investments in any company. This book provides the communication mechanism and measurements that technology leaders require to effectively communicate and mobilize key technology projects and initiatives.” Tony DiBenedetto, Chairman & CEO, Tribridge Consulting

Table of Contents

Measuring the Return on Investment: Technology Investments; ROI Model - History and Background; Establishing the Need for the Technology Project; Collecting Data and Other Key Metrics; Isolating the Effects of Technology Investments; Exposing the Value of Your Large Scale Technology Projects; Tabulating Project Costs; Calculating the Return; Identifying Intangible Measures; ROI Forecasting; How to Communicate Results; Implementation Issues