River Ecosystem Ecology book cover

River Ecosystem Ecology

A Global Perspective

A derivative of the Encyclopedia of Inland Waters, River Ecosystem Ecology reviews the function of rivers and streams as ecosystems as well as the varied activities and interactions that occur among their abiotic and biotic components. Because the articles are drawn from an encyclopedia, the articles are easily accessible to interested members of the public, such as conservationists and environmental decision makers.

Professionals and teachers in the fields of limnology, aquatic ecology, environmental engineering, hydrology and environmental science.

Hardbound, 424 Pages

Published: May 2010

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-381998-7


  • Introduction to River Ecosystems, G. E. Likens

    Physical and Chemical Processes Influencing Rivers
     Physical Properties of Water, K.M. Stewart
     Chemical Properties of Water, J.H. Aldstadt III, H.A. Bootsma, J.L. Ammerman
     Hydrological Cycle and Water Budgets, T.N. Narasimhan
     Hydrology: Streams, E. Wohl
     Hydrology: Rivers, P.A. Bukaveckas
     Geomorphology of Streams and Rivers, J.P. Bravard, F. Petit
     Currents in Rivers, A.N. Sukhodolov, H.-P. Kozerski, B.L. Rhoads
     Hydrodynamical Modeling, B.R. Hodges
     Floods, J.A. Hubbart, J.R. Jones

    Ecology of Flowing Waters
     Streams and Rivers as Ecosystems, S.G. Fisher, R.A. Sponseller
     Algae of River Ecosystems, R.J. Stevenson
     Benthic Invertebrate Fauna, Small Streams, J. B. Wallace, S. L. Eggert
     Benthic Invertebrate Fauna, River and Floodplain Ecosystems, M. R. Whiles, J. W. Grubaugh
     Benthic Invertebrate Fauna, Tropical Stream Ecosystems, M. E. Benbow, M.D. McIntoch
     Benthic Invertebrate Fauna, D. T. Chaloner, A. E. Hershey, G. A. Lamberti
     Biological Interactions in River Ecosystems, C.E. Cushing, J.D. Allan
     Regulators of Biotic Processes in Stream and River Ecosystems, M.E. Power
     Ecology and Role of Headwater Streams, W.H. McDowell
     Riparian Zones, H. Décamps, R.J. Naiman, M.E. McClain
     Flood Plains, S.K. Hamilton
     Coarse Woody Debris in Lakes and Streams, G.G. Sass
     Wetlands of Large Rivers: Flood plains, S.K. Hamilton
     Models of Ecological Processes in Riverine Ecosystems, J.H. Thorp

    Human Impacts on Streams and Rivers
     Deforestation and Nutrient Loading to Fresh Waters, M.C. Feller
     Agriculture, J. R. Jones, J. A. Downing
     Climate and Rivers, B. Finlayson, M. Peel, T. McMahon
     Urban Aquatic Ecosystems, J.L. Meyer
     Restoration Ecology of Rivers, B.G. Laub, M.A. Palmer
     Conservation of Aquatic Ecosystems, R. Abell, S. Blanch, C. Revenga, M. Thieme 

    Rivers of the World
     Africa, M. Meybeck
     Asia - Eastern Asia, F. Wang, J. Chen
     Asia - Monsoon Asia, M. Meybeck
     Asia - Northern Asia and Central Asia Endorheic Rivers, M. Meybeck
     Australia (and Papua, New Guinea), M. Meybeck
     European Rivers, K. Tockner, et al.
     South America, M.E. McClain, D. Gann
     Streams and Rivers of North America: Overview, Eastern and Central Basins, A. Benke
     Streams and Rivers of North America: Western, Northern and Mexican Basins,A.  Benke


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