RIOT Control book cover

RIOT Control

Understanding and Managing Risks and the Internet of Things

In RIOT Control, security experts from McAfee discuss how the Internet of Things (IoT) “flips” the current internet with de-centralized, uncontrolled elements driving massive data from the ends into central servers and the cloud, rather than the other way around. Some estimates suggest that every human being will soon be surrounded by 1,000 to 5,000 connected objects – eventually, 100 trillion static or moving objects – which makes for a complex system, prone to unexpected behaviors. As various industry domains rush to adopt IoT technologies, they need guidance on IoT-ready security and risk management practices to ensure system availability and security.

This book explains IoT risk in terms of project requirements, business needs, and system designs that include endpoints, network connectivity, and cloud-based data centers.  Understand the threats and vulnerabilities of the IoT, as well as performance metrics at the enterprise level.  In recommending emerging techniques, the authors provide insight to help judge which are best according to specific risks and organizational needs under consideration. Multiple case studies span several chapters to better illustrate the business, operational, and technical risks inherent in IoT deployments.


IT architects or operational decision-makers and managers tasked with specifying or designing IoT systems.

Paperback, 288 Pages

Published: December 2014

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-0-12-419971-2



    1. Internet of Things
    2. Business, Operational and Technical Requirements
    3. The Anatomy of the Internet of Things
    4. Threats and impacts to IOT
    5. Soft spots: Vulnerabilities of the IOT
    6. Risks, metrics and Key Performance Indicators for IOT
    7. RIOT Control: Adopting new technologies into IT controls


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