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Rice Quality

A Guide to Rice Properties and Analysis

Rice is a unique and highly significant crop, thought to help feed nearly half the planet on a daily basis. An understanding of its properties and their significance is essential for the provision of high quality products. This is all the more true today as international trade in rice trade has been increasing rapidly in recent years. This important book reviews variability in rice characteristics and their effects on rice quality.

After an introduction on rice quality that also explores paradoxes associated with the crop, the book goes on to examine rice physical properties and milling quality. This leads to a discussion of the effects that the degree of milling has on rice quality. The ageing of rice and its cooking and eating quality are investigated in the following chapters before an analysis of the effect of parboiling on rice quality. Later chapters consider the product-making and nutritional quality of rice and investigate speciality rices and rice breeding for desirable quality. The book concludes with an extensive chapter on rice quality analysis and an appendix containing selected rice quality test procedures.

With its distinguished author Rice quality: a guide to rice properties and analysis proves an invaluable resource for professionals in the rice industry and researchers and post-graduate students interested in rice.

Professionals in the rice industry and researchers and post-graduate students interested in rice.

Hardbound, 608 Pages

Published: June 2011

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84569-485-2


  • This book is highly specific … the detail can’t be questioned, nor can the content. The index references are superb., Food and Beverage Reporter
    A pleasure to read., Food and Beverage Reporter
    This book is an invaluable resource not only for professionals in the rice industry, but also warmly recommended as a guideline to researchers and post-graduate students in food sciences., Advances in Food Sciences


  • An introduction to rice: Its qualities and mysteries; Physical properties of rice; Milling quality of rice; Degree of milling of rice and its effect; Ageing of rice; Cooking quality of rice; Eating quality of rice; Effect of parboiling on rice quality; Product-making quality of rice; Speciality rices; Nutritional quality of rice; Rice breeding for desirable quality; Analysis of rice quality; Appendix: Some selected rice quality test procedures.


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