Review of Sleep Medicine

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  • Alon Avidan, MD, MPH, Director, UCLA Sleep Center Director, UCLA Neurology Clinic UCLA, Department of Neurology David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA 710 Westwood Blvd., Room 1-169/ RNRC Los Angeles, CA 90095-1769
  • Teri Barkoukis, MD, Director, Sleep Medicine Fellowship Professor of Medicine Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep Medicine, and Allergy Department of Internal Medicine University of Nebraska Medical Center Omaha, Nebraska

Review of Sleep Medicine, by Drs. Alon Avidan and Teri Barkoukis, prepares you for the ABSM exam with a comprehensive review-and-test format that includes figures, tables, and lists highlighting key points. With content revised to match the new exam and updated coverage of pharmacology and sleep medicine, insomnias, parasomnias, sleep-related breathing disorders, and more, you’ll stay current on recent developments in the field. The text is fully searchable online at, along with links to PubMed, and features more than 600 interactive questions and answers in study and timed practice modes, making this the ideal resource for ABSM exam preparation.
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Sleep Medicine

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Book information

  • Published: August 2011
  • Imprint: SAUNDERS
  • ISBN: 978-1-4557-0319-7

Table of Contents

Avidan/Review of Sleep Medicine, 3/e

Final TOC


Chapter 1: Sleep Medicine and the Boards

 Chapter 2: Introduction to Normal Sleep, Sleep Deprivation and the Work Place

Chapter 3: Introduction to Evaluation Tools Used in Sleep Medicine

Chapter 4: An Overview of Polysomnography

Chapter 5: Sleep Stage Scoring

Chapter 6: Physiological Changes in Sleep

Chapter 7: Overview of Sleep Neurobiology

Chapter 8: Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders: Clinical Features and Evaluation

Chapter 9: Treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing

Chapter 10: Cardiovascular Pathophysiology of Sleep Apnea

Chapter 11: Cardiac Monitoring and Scoring in Polysomnography

Chapter 12: Narcolepsy and Hypersomnias of Central Origin: Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Treatment

Chapter 13: Insomnia Differential Pearls and Psychiatric Comorbidities

Chapter 14: Diagnosis and Treatment of Parasomnias
Chapter 15: Sleep-Related Movement Disorders

Chapter 16: An Overview of EEG and Epilepsy

Chapter 17: Disorders of Sleep-Wake Timing

Chapter 18: Effects of Drugs on Sleep

Chapter 19: Pearls of Pediatric Sleep


Chapter 20: Tools in Clinical Sleep Medicine

Chapter 21: Normal Sleep

Chapter 22: Mechanisms of Sleep Neuroscience

Chapter 23: Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders

Chapter 24: Cardiology in Sleep Medicine

Chapter 25: Sleep Disorders in Neurology Practice
Chapter: 26: Disorders of Central Nervous System Hypersomnia

Chapter: 27: Parasomnias in Sleep Medicine

Chapter 28: Motor Disorders of Sleep

Chapter 29: Sleep-Wake Timing Disorders

Chapter 30: Insomnia: Pathophysiology, Epidemiology, Diagnosis, and Management

Chapter 31: Seizures
Chapter 32: Artifacts

Chapter 33: Pediatric Sleep Medicine

Chapter 34: Pharmacology Mechanisms

Chapter 35: Clinical Case Studies I

Chapter 36: Clinical Case Studies II: Sleep-breathing Disorders

Chapter 37: Clinical Case Studies III: Disorders of Central Nervous System Hypersomnias

Chapter 38: Clinical Case Studies IV

Chapter 39: Clinical Case Studies V

Chapter 40: Clinical Case Studies VI: Pearls of Interesting Cases

Chapter 41: Knowing Practice Parameters

Chapter 42: The Use of Statistics in Sleep Medicine - Exam Questions


Appendix: Statistics in Sleep Medicine