Returning Carbon to Nature book cover

Returning Carbon to Nature

Coal, Carbon Capture, and Storage

Carbon capture and storage is one of the main carbon emissions policy issues globally, yet you may know little about it if you’re outside the academic community. As the global push to address the impact that carbon emissions has on global warming continues, awareness and knowledge of viable solutions must be communicated in layperson terms. Returning Coal and Carbon To Nature breaks across traditional barriers among history, geology, biology and climate change to address the topic from a multidisciplinary, Earth System Science approach. If you’re a policymakeror someone who influences policy, this book will explain carbon capture and storage-a relatively new concept-in easy-to-understand terms. Clearly presented charts, tables and diagrams explain critical concepts, and a range of full-color photographs will help you visualize the carbon capture and storage process and its principles.


geoscientists and government policymakers

Paperback, 150 Pages

Published: August 2013

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-12-407671-6


  • Chapter 1. Of hockey sticks and coal.

    Chapter 2. A short history of coal.

    Chapter 3. The negative greenhouse.

    Chapter 4. Have our coal and burn it.

    Chapter 5. How will CCS be done?

    Chapter 6. Accounting for carbon.



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