Respiratory Physiotherapy book cover

Respiratory Physiotherapy

An On-Call Survival Guide

The second edition of RESPIRATORY PHYSIOTHERAPY (formerly EMERGENCY PHYSIOTHERAPY) continues to be a highly accessible and convenient guide which brings the insight of clinical experts in the field to the fingertips of the busy physiotherapist who are often exposed to challenging and stressful situations. Beverley Harden is now joined by a team of 5 additional Editors and the new edition has been completely revamped. It looks at assessment, management of and calls to specific areas while presenting key information in tables, bullets and summaries for quick reference on the ward.

Paperback, 362 Pages

Published: November 2008

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-3003-1


  • Chapter 1 Learning for and from being on call

    Chapter 2 Practical on call preparation

    Chapter 3 Respiratory assessment

    Chapter 4 Paediatric specifics

    Chapter 5 Chest X-ray interpretation

    Chapter 6 The management of sputum retention

    Chapter 7 The management of volume loss

    Chapter 8 The management of increased work of breathing

    Chapter 9 Management of respiratory failure

    Chapter 10 Calls to adult intensive care

    Chapter 11 Calls to paediatric IUC (PICU)

    Chapter 12 Calls to the medical unit

    Chapter 13 Calls to the surgical ward

    Chapter 14 Calls to the neurological/neurosurgical unit

    Chapter 15 Call to the cardiothoracic unit

    Chapter 16 Calls to the oncology unit

    Chapter 17 - Calls to the paediatric unit

    Chapter 18 Calls to the neonatal unit

    Chapter 19 Respiratory physiotherapy treatments

    Chapter 20 Case Studies - Adult intensive care; Paediatric intensive care; Medical unit; Surgical unit; Neurological unit; Cardiothoracic unit; Thoracic unit; Haematology unit; Oncology patient; Paediatric ward

    Appendix 1 Abbreviations

    Appendix 2 Normal values

    Appendix 3 Surgical incisions

    Appendix 4 Common drugs used in critical care areas


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