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Reservoir Engineering ebook Collection

Ultimate CD

Reservoir Engineering ebook Collection contains 7 of our best-selling titles, providing the ultimate reference for every reservoir engineer’s library. Get access to over 5000 pages of reference material, at a fraction of the price of the hard-copy books. This CD contains the complete ebooks of the following 7 titles:Civan, Reservoir Formation Damage 2nd Edition, 9780750677387 FANCHI, Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation 3rd Edition, 9780750679336 Chin, Quantitative Methods in Reservoir Engineering, 9780750675680 Dake, The Practice of Reservoir Engineering, 9780444506719 Ahmed, Reservoir Engineering Handbook 3rd Edition, 9780750679725 Ahmed, Advanced Reservoir Engineering, 9780750677332 Slatt , Stratigraphic reservoir characterization for petroleum geologists, geophysicists and engineers, 9780444528186

Reservoir Engineers, Petroleum Engineers, Petroleum Geologists

CD-ROM, 5010 Pages

Published: July 2008

Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85617-564-7


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