Research on Nitrification and Related Processes, Part A book cover

Research on Nitrification and Related Processes, Part A

State-of-the-art update on methods and protocols dealing with the detection, isolation and characterization of macromolecules and their hosting organisms that facilitate nitrification and related processes in the nitrogen cycle as well as the challenges of doing so in very diverse environments.


modelers, molecular ecologists, biogeochemists, ecophysiologists, geneticists and biochemists

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Methods in Enzymology

Hardbound, 608 Pages

Published: January 2011

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-381294-0


  • Part I. Modeling

    1. Modelling the role of nitrification in open 1 ocean productivity and the nitrogen cycle
    2. Andrew Yool

    3. Continuous cultivation and thermodynamic aspects of niche definition in the Nitrogen cycle
    4. Stefanie Müller and Marc Strous

      Part II. Cultivation and cell physiology

    5. Isolation, cultivation, and characterization of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea adapted to low ammonium concentrations
    6. Annette Bollmann, Elizabeth French and Hendrikus J. Laanbroek

    7. Cultivation, Detection and Ecophysiology of Anaerobic Ammonium-Oxidizing Bacteria
    8. Boran Kartal, Wim Geerts and Mike S. M. Jetten

    9. Cultivation, growth physiology and chemotaxonomy of nitrite-oxidizing bacteria
    10. Eva Spieck and André Lipski

    11. Surveying N2O-Producing Pathways in Bacteria
    12. Lisa Y. Stein

      Part III. Molecular Microbial Ecology And Processes Measurements

    13. Stable isotope probing with 18O-water to investigate growth and mortality of ammonia oxidizing bacteria and archaea in soil
    14. Karen Adair and Egbert Schwartz

    15. Measuring Nitrification, Denitrification, and Related Biomarkers in Terrestrial Geothermal Ecosystems
    16. Jeremy A. Dodsworth, Bruce Hungate, José R. de la Torre, Hongchen Jiang, and Brian P. Hedlund

    17. Determining the distribution of marine and coastal ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria using a quantitative approach
    18. Annika C. Mosier and Christopher A. Francis

    19. 15N-labeling experiments to dissect the contributions of heterotrophic denitrification and anammox to nitrogen removal in the OMZ waters of the ocean
    20. Moritz Holtappels, Gaute Lavik, Marlene M. Jensen and Marcel M.M. Kuypers

    21. Assessment of nitrogen and oxygen isotopic fractionation during nitrification and its expression in the marine environment
    22. Karen L. Casciotti, Carolyn Buchwald, Alyson E. Santoro, and Caitlin Frame

    23. Identification of Diazotrophic Microorganisms in Marine Sediment Via Fluorescence in situ Hybridization Coupled to Nanoscale Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (FISH-NanoSIMS)
    24. Anne E. Dekas and Victoria J. Orphan

    25. Measurement and Distribution of Nitrification Rates in the Oceans
    26. B. B. Ward

    27. Construction of STOX Oxygen Sensors and Their Application for Determination of O2 Concentrations in Oxygen Minimum Zones
    28. Niels Peter Revsbech, Bo Thamdrup, Tage Dalsgaard and Donald Eugene Canfield

    29. Regulation and measurement of nitrification in terrestrial systems
    30. Jeanette M. Norton and John M. Stark

    31. Protocol for the measurement of nitrous oxide fluxes from biological wastewater treatment plants
    32. Kartik Chandran

      Part IV. Genetics, Biochemistry and Biogeochemistry

    33. Genetic Transformation of Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria
    34. Luis A. Sayavedra-Soto and Lisa Y. Stein

    35. Dissecting Iron Uptake and Homeostasis in Nitrosomonas europaea
    36. Luis A. Sayavedra-Soto, Neeraja Vajrala, and Daniel J. Arp

    37. Production of recombinant multiheme cytochromes c in Wolinella succinogenes
    38. Melanie Kern and Jörg Simon

    39. Techniques for Investigating Hydroxylamine Disproportionation by Hydroxylamine Oxidoreductases
    40. A. Andrew Pacheco, Jennifer McGarry, Joshua Kostera and Angel Corona

    41. Liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry based proteomics of Nitrosomonas
    42. Hans J.C.T. Wessels, Jolein Gloerich, Erwin van der Biezen, Mike S. M. Jetten and Boran Kartal

    43. The Geochemical Record of the Ancient Nitrogen Cycle, Nitrogen Isotopes and Metal Co-factors

    L.V. Godfrey1 and J.B. Glass


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