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Research Methods in Human Skeletal Biology

Research Methods in Human Skeletal Biology serves as the one location readers can go to not only learn how to conduct research in general, but how research is specifically conducted within human skeletal biology. It outlines the current types of research being conducted within each sub-specialty of skeletal biology, and gives the reader the tools  to set up a research project in skeletal biology. It also suggests several ideas for potential projects. Each chapter has an inclusive bibliography, which can serve as a good jumpstart for project references.

Forensic professionals (i.e. physical and biological anthropologists, scientists, researchers), advanced undergraduate and post-graduate students in physical and biological anthropology, professors/instructors teaching research methods courses

Hardbound, 576 Pages

Published: September 2012

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-385189-5


  • "…this book aims to assist students in developing a research focus and learning appropriate methods in order to build a strong foundation for future work."--Evidence Technology Magazine, July-August 2013
    "This book is designed as a textbook for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students in modern human skeletal biology with the goal of providing more detailed introductions to the many techniques available than do other books…Most chapters include case studies exemplifying the approaches and their results; a glossary adds value. Valuable for classroom and library use."--Choice, July 2013


  • Part I: Introduction to Research in Skeletal Biology

    1. Introduction to Skeletal Biology
    Elizabeth A. DiGangi and Megan K. Moore

    2. Application of the Scientific Method to Skeletal Biology
    Elizabeth A. DiGangi and Megan K. Moore

    Part II: Research on Aspects of the Biological Profile

    3. Age-at-Death Estimation
    Natalie Uhl

    4. Sex Estimation and Assessment
    Megan K. Moore

    5. Ancestry Estimation
    Elizabeth A. DiGangi and Joseph T. Hefner

    6. Stature Estimation
    Megan K. Moore and Ann H. Ross

    7. Paleopathology
    Maria O. Smith

    8. Investigation of Skeletal Trauma
    Anne M. Kroman and Steven A. Symes

    9. Taphonomy
    Kerriann Marden, Marcella H. Sorg and William D. Haglund

    10. Dental Anthropology
    Emily Hammerl

    11. Demography
    Lyle W. Konigsberg and Susan R. Frankenberg

    Part III:  Technological Advances

    12. Geometric Morphometrics
    Ashley H. McKeown and Ryan W. Schmidt

    13. Bone and Dental Histology
    Lindsay H. Trammell and Anne M. Kroman

    14. Functional Morphology and Medical Imaging
    Megan K. Moore

    15. Isotopes
    Jonathan D. Bethard

    16. Molecular Methods
    Graciela S. Cabana, Brannon I. Hulsey, and Frankie L. Pack

    Part IV: Completing and Cultivating the Scientific Process

    17. Library Research, Presenting, and Publishing
    Elizabeth A. DiGangi

    18. Future Research Considerations in Human Skeletal Biology
    Elizabeth A. DiGangi and Megan K. Moore




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