Research Methods for Massage and Holistic Therapies book cover

Research Methods for Massage and Holistic Therapies

This comprehensive resource covers a broad array of research strategies available to massage therapists to give them the tools they need to be knowledgeable readers of research literature, as well as active researchers. The primary focus of the book is on the quantitative aspect of research that encompasses the principal types of studies most extensively used in the various health care professions, specifically massage therapy. Extensive coverage is also given to the qualitative and integrative research categories that are progressively gaining recognition among researchers in various health science disciplines and professions.

Book, 360 Pages

Published: September 2005

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-09264-7


  • Part I – A Conceptual Framework for Understanding the Research Process
    1. Why Research and Why Now?
    2. Deductive Approach To Viewing the Research Process
    3. An Overview of the True Experimental/Randomized Controlled Trial Research Method
    4. A More Focused View of the True Experimental/Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) Research Method: Concepts, Principles, & Procedures

    Part II – The Quantitative Research Category
    5. The Difference-Oriented Research Strategy
    6. The Association-Oriented Research Strategy
    7. The Descriptive-Oriented Research Strategy

    Part III – Qualitative & Integrative Research Categories: Options Beyond the Quantitative
    8. The Qualitative Research Category & Its Contextual/Interpretive Research Strategy
    9. The Integrative Research Category & Its Synthesis-Oriented Research Strategy

    Part IV – Advancing the Massage Therapy Research Agenda
    10. Advancing Massage Therapy Research Competencies: Recent Contexts & Projected Directions

    Appendices: Essential "Tools" for the Research Process
    A. Electronic Literature Searching: Sources & Strategies
    B. Ethical Principles Governing Research in the Biomedical & Behavioral Sciences
    C. Research Report Format & Stylistic Requirements
    D. Measurement & Statistics as Research Tools


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