Reproductive Pathology of Domestic Mammals


  • Kenneth McEntee, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.

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Researchers and students in veterinary pathology as well as practicing veterinarians.


Book information

  • Published: August 1990
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-483375-3


"Reading Dr. McEntee's book Reproductive Pathology of Domestic Animals reminds me of hearing an excellent and in-depth pathology lesson from a learned professor, who not only has the wealth of experience, but shares this experience with precision, insight, and glee. I believe this book fulfills its promise. Reproductive Pathology of Domestic Animals has given the best coverage yet ... The book is well referenced ... Line diagrams of certain pathologic changes are excellent and facilitate understanding of the lesions. Reproductive Pathology of Domestic Animals is an excellent reference text for pathologists."

"Reproductive Pathology of Domestic Animals has given the best coverage yet of morphologic pathology of the male and female reproductive tract described in veterinary textbooks. The book is well referenced ... I believe the strength of this book lies in the vast amount of specimens drawn upon, and the large number of references given to the reader ... For those practising diagnostic pathology, a copy of this text belongs in the lab for reference ... an excellent reference text for pathologists, but would be of limited use to clinicians and students.
"The purpose of the text is to provide a complete reference on the stated topic, expanding considerably on the information that has been previously available in individual chapters in veterinary pathology books. This goal has clearly been met ... The book contains a concise mixture of findings from published reports, together with the author's own observations. Descriptions are complete, without being wordy. The book will be a valuable addition as a reference to the libraries of pathologists, clinical theriogenologists, students of reproduction in mammals, and veterinary practitioners with a special interest/expertise in reproduction. The price is appropriate for a book of this detail."
"This textbook is designed for use both as a text and a reference source for veterinarian clinicians and pathologists. It is the first of its kind to be written in the English language. Each chapter is supplemented by black and white photographs, illustrations and each concludes with an extensive bibliography of references.

Table of Contents

Embryology of the Reproductive Organs.Intersexes.The Ovary.Cysts in and around the Ovary.Ovarian Neoplasms.The Uterine Tube.The Uterus: Anatomy.The Uterus: Congenital Anomalies.The Uterus: Normal Postpartum Involution.The Uterus: Degenerative and Inflammatory Lesions.The Uterus: Atrophic, Metaplastic, and Proliferative Lesions.Cervix, Vagina, and Vulva.Scrotum and Testis: Anatomy and Congenital Anomalies.Scrotum, Spermatic Cord and Testis: Degenerative and Inflammatory Lesions.Scrotum, Spermatic Cord, and Testis: Proliferative Lesions.Efferent Ductules, Epididymis, and Deferent Duct.Bulbourethral, Vesicular, and Prostate Glands.Penis and Prepuce.Each chapter includes references.Index.