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Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology

Reproductive toxicology is a complex subject dealing with three components—parent, placenta, and fetus—and the continuous changes that occur in each. Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology is a comprehensive and authoritative resource providing the latest literature enriched with relevant references describing every aspect of this area of science. It addresses a broad range of topics including nanoparticles and radiation, gases and solvents, smoking, alcohol and drugs of abuse, food additives, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, and metals, among others. With a special focus on placental toxicity, this book is the only available reference to connect the three key risk stages, and is the only resource to include reproductive and developmental toxicity in domestic animals, fish, and wildlife.


Biologists, pharmacologists, toxicologists, and teratologists from academia, industry, and governmental agencies; domestic, wildlife, and aquatic specialists; environmentalists; regulatory agencies

Hardbound, 1220 Pages

Published: February 2011

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-382032-7


  • "Overall, this book will be very useful as an authoritative source of critically analyzed information for anybody seeking insight into reproductive and developmental physiology and its perturbation by a vast array of endogenous and environmental factors."--Frank Welsch, D.V.M., Ph.D., D.A.B.T., Principal Scientist, Orbitox International Toxicology Consultants


    "Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology provides comprehensive coverage of historical and current knowledge in this specialized field of toxicology. It comprises 86 chapters approaches and model systems are described by experts in the field. Several subsequent sections provide historical and current information on a number of developmental toxicants, including nanoparticles and radiation; gases and solvents; smoking, alcohol, and drugs of addiction; food additives, metals, and pesticides; and phytotoxins and biotoxins. Each chapter is well organized, with an introduction, a full description of the characteristics, mechanisms where known, effects of each toxicant, and concluding remarks and future directions. Figures are used effectively and strategically to illustrate a number of topics…. The contributors to Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology are an international group of almost 180 scientists, who represent academic institutions, pharmaceutical industries, and governmental agencies. They provide an exceptional breadth of expertise in the wide range of topics covered in this extensive volume. This book will be most useful to the scientifically trained reader seeking a detailed understanding of the experimental background and currently studied topics of reproductive and developmental toxicology."--Veterinary Pathology Online


    "The 15 sections in the book comprehensively cover a wide range of crucial aspects of developmental and reproductive toxicology as relates to experimental models commonly used in pharmaceutical, agro-chemical and environmental toxicology research. Excellent examples of normal and abnormal outcomes of reproductive toxicity are presented, especially in the color plates in the last few pages of the book. This book is an excellent reference for both seasoned toxicologists, those entering the practice of toxicology and students." --Dr. Norbert Makori, DART Director, SNBL USA, Ltd., Everett, WA


  • Foreword

    Section-I: General

    Section-II: Safety Evaluation and Toxicity Testing Models

    Section-III: Nanoparticles and Radiation

    Section-IV: Gases and Solvents

    Section-V: Smoking, Alcohol, and Drugs of Abuse and Addiction

    Section-VI: Food Additives, Nutraceuticals, and Pharmaceuticals

    Section-VII: Metals

    Section-VIII: Pesticides and Other Environmental Contaminants

    Section-IX: Phytotoxicants

    Section-X: Biotoxins

    Section-XI: Special Topics

    Section-XII: Endocrine Disruption, Mutagenicity, Carcinogenicity, Infertility and Teratogenicity

    Section-XIII: Toxicologic Pathology

    Section-XIV: Placental Toxicity

    Section-XV: Domestic, Wildlife and Aquatic Species


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