Reproduction in Domesticated Animals

World Animal Science Series

Edited by

  • G. J. King, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Most consumable products of animal origin, such as eggs and milk, are obtained through exploitation of the reproductive processes of livestock, making efficiency extremely important in intensive production units. Critical evaluation of each technological innovation in this field is necessary before widespread introduction, and this requires an extensive knowledge of reproductive biology.
This volume presents comprehensive, current discussions of the individual aspects comprising the complete reproductive process in domesticated animals, covering various technological procedures for regulation and manipulation of particular events. It provides extensive coverage of reproductive anatomy and includes avian reproduction, supplying original and often innovative figures. This book will be of great value to agriculturalists and veterinarians as well as to food and environmental scientists.
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Book information

  • Published: March 1993
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-89530-1


Several books on Animal reproduction are on the market. None of them has ever covered the complete reproductive process in such an excellent way like the new volume of the World Animal Science Series. excellent standard book for all practitioners, scientists as well as students of veterinary medicine or agricultural sciences.
Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 1995

Table of Contents

General Preface. Preface to Volume B9. 1. The Biology of Reproduction (G.J. King). 2. Gross Structure and Development of Reproductive Organs (J.C. Meijer, J.M. Fentener van Vlissingen). 3. The Hormones of Reproduction (L.-E. Edqvist, G.H. Stabenfeldt). 4. The Endogenous Control of Reproductive Processes (L.-E. Edqvist, G.H. Stabenfeldt). 5. Male Reproduction (B.P. Setchell). 6. Female Reproduction (G.R. Foxcroft). 7. Reproductive Behaviour (C. Fabre-Nys, P. Poindron, J.-P. Signoret). 8. Fertilization (J.J. Parrish, N.L. First). 9. Pregnancy (G.J. King, W.W. Thatcher). 10. Parturition (D.G. Porter). 11. Immunoreproduction (B.A. Croy). 12. Biotechnology and Reproduction (R.F. Seamask, J. Wells). 13. Artificial Insemination (N.O. Rasbech†). 14. Embryo Transfer (K.J. Betteridge). 15. Genetics of Reproduction: New Aspects and Opportunities (R.B. Land†). 16. Environment and Reproduction (W.W. Thatcher, P.J. Hansen). 17. Nutrition and Reproduction (D.R. Lindsay, G.B. Martin, I.H. Williams). 18. Reproduction in Poultry (R.J. Etches). 19. Reproductive Performance and Problems (G.J. King). List of Contributors. Subject Index