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Representation in Mind

New Approaches to Mental Representation

'Representation in Mind' is the first book in the new series 'Perspectives on Cognitive Science' and includes well known contributors in the areas of philosophy of mind, psychology and cognitive science.The papers in this volume offer new ideas, fresh approaches and new criticisms of old ideas. The papers deal in new ways with fundamental questions concerning the problem of mental representation that one contributor, Robert Cummins, has described as "THE problem in philosophy of mind for some time now". The editors' introductory overview considers the problem for which mental representation has been seen as an answer, sketching an influential framework, outlining some of the issues addressed and then providing an overview of the papers. Issues include: the relation between mental representation and public, non-mental representation; misrepresentation; the role of mental representations in intelligent action; the relation between representation and consciousness; the relation between folk psychology and explanations invoking mental representations

Researchers and academics in the field of cognitive science.

Hardbound, 270 Pages

Published: June 2004

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-08-044394-2


  • * Introduction: Issues and Overview* Notes Toward a Structuralist Theory of Mental Representation - Gerard O'Brien and Jon Opie* Representation and Indication - Robert Cummins & Pierre Poirier* Representation and the Meaning of Life - W.D. Christensen & C.A. Hooker* The Dynamic Emergence of Representation - Mark H. Bickhard* New Norms For Teleosemantics - Timothy Schroeder* Representation and Experience - Frank Jackson* Phenomenal Qualities and Intermodal Perception - Ian Gold* On Folk Psychology and Mental Representation - Peter Godfrey-Smith* The World Gone Wrong? Images, Illusions, Mistakes and Misrepresentations - Peter Slezak* Representation, Reduction and Interdisciplinarity in the Sciences of Memory - John Sutton* Kant on Constructing Causal Representations - Patricia Kitcher


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