Report Writing for Criminal Justice Professionals


  • Larry Miller
  • John Whitehead

The criminal justice process is dependent on accurate documentation. Criminal justice professionals can spend 50-75% of their time writing administrative and research reports. Report Writing for Criminal Justice Professionals, Fifth Edition provides practical guidance--with specific writing samples and guidelines--for providing strong reports. Much of the legal process depends on careful documentation and the crucial information that lies within, but most law enforcement, security, corrections, and probation and parole officers have not had adequate training in how to provide well-written, accurate, brief, and complete reports. Report Writing for Criminal Justice Professionals covers everything officers need to learn--from basic English grammar to the difficult but often-ignored problem of creating documentation that will hold up in court.

This new edition is updated to include timely information, including extensive coverage of digital reporting, updates on legal issues and privacy rights, and expanded coverage of forensics and scientific reporting.

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Book information

  • Published: December 2013
  • ISBN: 978-1-4557-7769-3

Table of Contents

Section One: The Nature of Report Writing

1. The Why and How of Report Writing

2. Starting to Write

3. The Face Page

4. The Narrative — The Continuation Page and Follow-Up Report

5. Habits that Make for Speedy Writing

6. Other Types of Writing

7. Reading and Correcting Reports

Section Two: The Mechanics of Report Writing

8. Simplified Study of Grammar

9. Avoiding Errors in Sentence Structure

10. Making Punctuation Work

11. Breaking the Spelling Jinx

12. Using or Abusing Words

13. Abbreviating and Capitalizing

Section Three: The Modernization of Report Writing

14. Innovations in Criminal Justice