Renewable Energy Systems book cover

Renewable Energy Systems

A Smart Energy Systems Approach to the Choice and Modeling of 100% Renewable Solutions

In this new edition of Renewable Energy Systems, globally recognized renewable energy researcher and professor, Henrik Lund, sets forth a straightforward, comprehensive methodology for comparing different energy systems’ abilities to integrate fluctuating and intermittent renewable energy sources. The book does this by presenting an energy system analysis methodology and offering a freely available accompanying software tool, EnergyPLAN, which automates and simplifies the calculations supporting such a detailed comparative analysis. The book provides the results of more than fifteen comprehensive energy system analysis studies, examines the large-scale integration of renewable energy into the present system, and presents concrete design examples derived from a dozen renewable energy systems around the globe. Renewable Energy Systems, Second Edition also undertakes the socio-political realities governing the implementation of renewable energy systems by introducing a theoretical framework approach aimed at understanding how major technological changes, such as renewable energy, can be implemented at both the national and international levels.

Research scientists, engineers, project managers, policy makers, consultants and graduate students involved in Renewable Energy development and implementation.

Paperback, 384 Pages

Published: April 2014

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-410423-5


  • 1. Introduction
    2. Theory: Choice Awareness Theses
    3. Methodology: Choice Awareness Strategies
    4. Tool: The EnergyPLAN Energy System Analysis Model
    5. Analysis: Large-Scale Integration of Renewable Energy
    6. Analysis: Smart Energy Systems and Infrastructures
    7. Analysis: 100 Percent Renewable Energy Systems
    8. Empirical Examples: Choice Awareness Cases
    9. Conclusions and Recommendations




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