Renewable Energy Systems

The Choice and Modeling of 100% Renewable Solutions


  • Henrik Lund, Professor, Aalborg University, Department of Development and Planning and Editor-in-Chief of Elsevier International Journal ENERGY
  • Henrik Lund, Professor, Aalborg University, Department of Development and Planning and Editor-in-Chief of Elsevier International Journal ENERGY

How can society quickly convert to renewable energy? Can worldwide energy needs ever be met through 100% renewable sources? The answers to these questions rest largely on the perception of choice in the energy arena. It is of pivotal importance that engineers, researchers and policymakers understand what choices are available, and reasonable, when considering the design and deployment of new energy systems. The mission of this new book, written by one of the world's foremost experts in renewable power, is to arm these professionals with the tools and methodologies necessary to make smart choices when implementing renewable energy systems.
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Research scientists, engineers, project managers, policy makers, consultants and graduate students involved in Renewable Energy development and implementation.


Book information

  • Published: September 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-375028-0

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1. Book Contents and Structure
2. Definitions
3. Renewable versus Sustainable 2. Theory: Choice Awareness Theses
1. Choice and Change
2. Choice Perception and Elimination
3. Raising Choice Awareness 3. Methodology: Choice Awareness Strategies
1. Technical Alternatives
2. Economic Feasibility Studies
3. Public Regulation
4. Democratic Infrastructure
5. Research Methodology 4. Tool: The EnergyPLAN Energy System Analysis Model
1. Overall Considerations
2. The EnergyPLAN Model
3. Reflections 5. Analysis: Large-Scale Integration of Renewable Energy
1. The Danish Reference Energy System
2. Excess Electricity Diagrams
3. Optimal Combinations of RES
4. Flexible Energy Systems
5. Different Energy Systems
6. Grid Stability
7. Local Energy Markets
8. Integration of Transport
9. Electric Vehicles and V2G
10. Electricity Storage Options
11. Conclusions 6. Analysis: 100 Percent Renewable Energy Systems
1. The Los Angeles Community College District Case
2. The First Approach to Coherent Renewable Energy Systems
3. The Danish Society of Engineersā€™ Energy Plan
4. Reflections 7. Empirical Examples: Choice Awareness Cases
1. Case I: The Nordkraft Power Station (1982-1983)
2. Case II: The Aalborg Heat Planning (1984-1987)
3. Case III: The Evaluation of Biogas (1990-1992)
4. Case IV: The NordjyllandsvƦrk (1991-1994)
5. Case V: The Transmission Line Case (1992-1996)
6. Case VI: European EIA procedures (1993-1997)
7. Case VII: The German Lausitz Case (1993-1994)
8. Case VIII: The Green Energy Plan (1996)
9. Case IX: The Thai Power Station Case (1999)
10. Case X: The Economic Council Case (2002-2003)
11. Case XI: The North Carolina Case (2006-2007)
12. Case XII: The IDA Energy Plan 2030 (2006-2007)
13. Summary
14. Conclusions 8. Conclusions and Recommendations
1. Conclusions
2. Recommendations