Remote Sensing

Models and Methods for Image Processing


  • Robert Schowengerdt, University of Arizona, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Remote sensing is a technology that engages electromagnetic sensors to measure and monitor changes in the earth’s surface and atmosphere. Normally this is accomplished through the use of a satellite or aircraft. This book, in its 3rd edition, seamlessly connects the art and science of earth remote sensing with the latest interpretative tools and techniques of computer-aided image processing. Newly expanded and updated, this edition delivers more of the applied scientific theory and practical results that helped the previous editions earn wide acclaim and become classroom and industry standards. Dr. Schowengerdt presents an advanced unified framework and rationale that uniquely empowers the reader with the latest critical thinking skills and prerequisite knowledge needed to successfully design, develop and incorporate maintainable remote sensing solutions for real-world application. Advanced remote sensing image processing techniques such as hyperspectral image analysis, fusion of multisensor images and digital elevation model extraction from stereo imagery are discussed theoretically in terms of spectral, spatial, and geometric models. An expanded exercise section is also included at the end of each chapter allowing for the greatest level of mastery ever.
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Working engineers in forestry, geology, geography, geophysics, cartography, climatology; researchers at government agencies and in academia


Book information

  • Published: August 2006
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-369407-2

Table of Contents

ContentsCHAPTER 1 The Nature of Remote Sensing CHAPTER 2 Optical Radiation Models CHAPTER 3 Sensor ModelsCHAPTER 4 Data Models CHAPTER 5 Spectral TransformsCHAPTER 6 Spatial TransformsCHAPTER 7 Correction and CalibrationCHAPTER 8 Image Registration and Fusion CHAPTER 9 Thematic Classification Appendix A Sensor AcronymsAppendix B Function DefinitionsReferences 483Index 517