Remediation of Contaminated Environments book cover

Remediation of Contaminated Environments

This book summarises - amongst other things - what happened to the people and environment around Chernobyl (and other nuclear sites) and what measures need to be taken in future in the event of nuclear accidents etc plus it has a very important and currently topical use in detailing what to do in the event of a terrorist dirty bomb attack on a city.

Nuclear industry staff and environmentalists involved in remediation of the environment

Hardbound, 496 Pages

Published: June 2009

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-08-044862-6


  • Introduction, S.Fesenko, and G. Voigt1. International approaches to remediation of territorial radioactive contamination, A.J. González2. Site characterisation and measurement strategies for remediation purposes, S. Fesenko, L. Zeiller, and G. Voigt3. Decision - aiding tools for remediation strategies, V. Shershakov, S. Fesenko, I. Kryshev, and N. Semioshkina4. Remediation of areas contaminated after radiation accidents, R. M. Alexakhin5. Remediation of sites contaminated by nuclear weapon tests in the Marshall Islands and Australia, P.R. Danesi6. Remediation as part of the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, E. Falck, R. Seitz, M. Pearl, M. Audet, P. Schmidt, and H.M. Fernandes7. Remediation Planning of Uranium Mining and Milling Facilities: The PriDneperovsky Chemical Plant Complex in Ukraine, O. Voitsekhovych, and T. Lavrova8. Principles and technologies for remediation of uranium-contaminated environments, Yong-Guan Zhu, and Bao-Dong Chen9. Effectiveness of remedial techniques for environments contaminated by artificial radionuclides, K.G. Andersson, and P. Roos10. Environmental, social, ethical and economic aspects of remediation, D. Oughton, I. Bay-Larsen, and G. VoigtConcluding remarks, G. Voigt, and S. Fesenko


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