Reliability, Maintainability and Risk 8e book cover

Reliability, Maintainability and Risk 8e

Practical Methods for Engineers including Reliability Centred Maintenance and Safety-Related Systems

This book provides engineers with the safety and risk assessment tools and techniques they need to work effectively in any safety or reliability critical environment. These tools are primarily statistical. Where David Smith’s book succeeds is by meeting the needs of an applied audience by setting these tools in the context of the design and operation of safety related processes and systems. Now in its Eighth Edition, this is regarded as the core reference in this field, and the success of its approach is reflected in the popularity of this standard work.

It deals with all aspects of reliability, safety-related systems, and the assessment and management of risk in a simple and straightforward way, pre-supposing no prior knowledge and dealing simply and realistically with numerical data by using the minimum of mathematical and technical jargon.


Chemical, Process, Plant, Oil & Gas and related systems safety engineers

Paperback, 436 Pages

Published: June 2011

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-08-096902-2


  • Chapter 1 Understand risk of hazardous failure
    Chapter 2 Understanding terms and jargon
    Chapter 3 A cost-effective approach to quality, reliability and safety.
    Chapter 4 Realistic failure rates and prediction confidence.
    Chapter 5 Interpreting data and demonstrating reliability
    Chapter 6 Variable failure rates and probability plotting
    Chapter 7 Essential reliability theory
    Chapter 8 Methods of modelling
    Chapter 9 Quantifying the reliability models
    Chapter 10 QRA
    Chapter 11 Design and assurance techniques
    Chapter 12 Design review and test
    Chapter 13 Field data collection and feedback
    Chapter 14 Factors influencing down time
    Chapter 15 Predicting and demonstrating repair times
    Chapter 16 QRCM
    Chapter 17 Safety Critical System Software quality/reliability
    Chapter 18 Integrity of safety critical systems: IEC 61508 (2010)
    Chapter 19 Project management
    Chapter 20 Contract clauses
    Chapter 21 Product liability and safety legislation
    Chapter 22 Major incident legislation
    Chapter 23 Integrity of safety-related systems
    Chapter 24 Case Studies


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