Relational Database Design Clearly Explained book cover

Relational Database Design Clearly Explained

Fully revised and updated, Relational Database Design, Second Edition is the most lucid and effective introduction to relational database design available. Here, you'll find the conceptual and practical information you need to develop a design that ensures data accuracy and user satisfaction while optimizing performance, regardless of your experience level or choice of DBMS.

Supporting the book's step-by-step instruction are three case studies illustrating the planning, analysis, and design steps involved in arriving at a sound design. These real-world examples include object-relational design techniques, which are addressed in greater detail in a new chapter devoted entirely to this timely subject.

SQL programmers, database developers, database adminstrators, database designers, upper division undergraduate-level courses in computer science or data management


Published: April 2002

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-1-55860-820-7


  • Preface to the Second Edition Part One: Theory Chapter 1: Preface to the Second Edition Chapter 2: Introduction Chapter 3: Entities and Data Relationships Chapter 4: Historical Antecedents Chapter 5: The Relational Data Model Chapter 6: Normalization Chapter 7: Database Structure and Performance Tuning Chapter 8: Codd's Rules Chapter 9: Integrating Objects Part Two: Practice Chapter 10: Using SQL to Implement a Relational Design Chapter 11: Using CASE Tools for Database Design Chapter 12: Database Design Case Study #1: Mighty-Mite Motors Chapter 13: Database Design Case Study #2: East Coast Aquarium Chapter 14: Database Design Case Study #3: Independent Intelligence Agency Glossary Index


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