Reinforced Plastics Durability book cover

Reinforced Plastics Durability

Reinforced plastics composites are increasingly in demand for the huge range of long-term applications - not surprisingly, as they are amongst the best materials in the world for durability. This exceptionally user-friendly guide has been written for engineers, designers and managers who are considering using reinforced plastics in applications
where a long product life is essential, including buildings, bridges, boats, tanks, pipes and swimming pools.

The book is clearly written and easily accessible to those with no background in composite science, although detailed references are provided for those wishing to pursue any area in more depth. After introducing the key concepts, there are chapters focusing on the effects of outdoor weathering, solvent and water attack, high temperature and repetitive stress. Experience with specific applications over time is discussed, and repair is considered. The use of computer techniques in predicting durability is outlined and there are some case histories.

First-time users of reinforced plastics, such as engineers and managers

Hardbound, 384 Pages

Published: November 1998

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-320-6


  • The use of computer techniques to stimulate and evaluate durability effects, and improve design predictions, is a key contribution found in this text., SAMPE Journal
    Being readable, and also offering necessary theoretical and background explanations, Polymers and Polymer Composites
    … it very suitably examples the type of multi-purpose complimentary volume for which there is a real need., Polymers and Polymer Composites


  • An introduction to plastics for non-specialists; Fabrication, inspection and durability; Durability of reinforced plastics in liquid environments; Temperature - its effect on the durability of reinforced plastics; Cyclic mechanical loading; Weathering; Review of the durability of marine laminates; Survey of long term durability of fiberglass reinforced plastics tanks and pipes; Epoxyvinylester and other resins in chemical process equipment; Repairs using fibre reinforced plastics; Fatigue performance: The role of the interphase; Computer models for predicting durability.


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