Regional Geology and Tectonics: Phanerozoic Passive Margins, Cratonic Basins and Global Tectonic Maps book cover

Regional Geology and Tectonics: Phanerozoic Passive Margins, Cratonic Basins and Global Tectonic Maps

Expert petroleum geologists David Roberts and Albert Bally bring you Regional Geology and Tectonics: Phanerozoic Passive Margins, Cratonic Basins and Global Tectonic Maps, volume three in a three-volume series covering Phanerozoic regional geology and tectonics. Its key focus is on both volcanic and non-volcanic passive margins, and the importance of salt and shale driven by sedimentary tectonics to their evolution. Recent innovative research on such critical locations as Iberia, Newfoundland, China, and the North Sea are incorporated to provide practical real-world case studies in regional geology and tectonics. The vast amount of volcanic data now available to form accurate hydrocarbon assessments and analysis at passive margin locations is also included into this thorough yet accessible reference.


Geologists, geophysicists, and marine geologists globally in academia and petroleum exploration with a focus on tectonics, basin analysis, sedimentary processes and petroleum systems. The secondary market includes undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as instructors in Geosciences.

Hardbound, 1200 Pages

Published: May 2012

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-56357-6


    1. De Res Salsa: Fundamental Principles of Salt Tectonics. M. Hudec & M. Jackson
    2. Shale Tectonics. L. Woods
    3. The Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Basins. W. Bosworth, P. Huchon & K. McClay
    4. The NE Atlantic Conjugate Margins. F. Tsikalas, J. Faleide & O. Eldholm
    5. Conjugate Margins of the South Atlantic: Namibia -Pelotas. J. Cartwright, R. Swart & B. Corner
    6. Phanerozoic Regional Geology of the Eastern Brazilian Margin. W. Mohriak & R Fainstein
    7. The conjugate margins of Morocco and Nova Scotia. G. Tari et al.
    8. Evolution of Magma Poor Continental Margins: from Rifting to the Onset of Seafloor Spreading. R.B. Whitmarsh & G. Manatschal
    9. The Newfoundland -Iberia Conjugate Margin. B. Tucholke & R.B. Whitmarsh
    10. Labrador Sea, Davis Strait and Baffin Bay. J. Chalmers
    11. Evolution of the Western Mediterranean. E. Carminati. C. Doglioni, B. Gelabert, G. Panza, E. Roca, F. Sabat, & D. Scrocca.
    12. Tyrrhenian Sea. D. Scrocca, E. Carminati, C. Doglioni & D. Procaccanti
    13. Deepwater frontier basins New Zealand. C. Uruski
    14. South Africa’s Mesozoic Basins. D. Broad, E. Jungslager, I. McLachlan, J. Roux & D. van der Spuy
    15. Rift-shear Architecture and Tectonic Development of the Ghana Margin. A. Antobreh, J.I. Faleide, F. Tsikalas & S. Planke
    16. Structural Styles along the Dead Sea Fault. Z. Ben-Avraham, M. Lazar, Z. Garfunkel, M. Reshef, A. Ginzburg, Y. Rotstein, U. Freislander,Y. Bartov & H. Shulman
    17. Columbus Basin Offshore Trinidad: A Detached Pull-Apart Basin in a Transpressional Foreland Setting. R. Gibson, K. Meisling & J. Sydow
    18. Illizzi basin. S. Galeazzi et al
    19. The Moscow Basin. J. Eyer
    20. Evolution of the West Siberian Basin. A. Vyssotski, V. Vyssotski, A.A. Nezhdanov
    21. The Aquitane Basin and the Pyrenees: geodynamical evolution and hydrocarbons. R. Bourrouilh
    22. Tectonic evolution of the Cape and Karoo basins of South Africa. A. Tankard, H. Welsink, P. Aukes, R. Newton, E. Stettler
    23. The Parry Islands fold belt. C. Harrison & T. Brent
    24. Tectonic maps of the World. A.W. Bally, D.G. Roberts et al.


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