Recycling Equipment and Technology for Municipal Solid Waste

Material Recovery Facilities


  • Joseph T. Swartzbaugh

This technology transfer handbook describes recycling equipment and technology for municipal solid waste (MSE) at material recovery facilities (MRFs). It gives guidance on what technically can be done and what material specifications can be achieved.
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Municipal solid waste (MSE) and material recovery facilities (MRFs).


Book information

  • Published: December 1993
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-1316-2

Table of Contents

1. Introduction2. Specific Approaches to Materials Recovery 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Concept Description 2.2.1 Basic MRF 2.2.2 Variations from the Basic MRF 2.3 Technical 2.3.1 Waste Characterization 2.3.2 Mass Balance 2.3.3 Technology Considerations for a Basic MRF 2.3.4 Finished Product Specifications 2.3.5 Flow Chart and Mass Balance-Low Technology 2.3.6 Flow Chart and Mass Balance-High Technology-Paper Line 2.3.7 Flow Chart and Mass Balance-High Technology-Commingled Container Line 2.3.8 Flow Chart-General Comment 2.3.9 Material Densities 2.3.10 Fixed Equipment 2.3.11 Rolling Equipment 2.3.12 Human Factors 2.3.13 Acceptable Waste 2.3.14 Raw Material Storage 2.3.15 Product Storage 2.3.16 Building 2.4 MRF Management 2.4.1 Organization 2.4.2 Operating Schedules 2.4.3 Job Descriptions 2.4.4 Health and Safety Considerations 2.5 MRF Economic Analysis 2.5.1 Introduction 2.5.2 Composition of Recyclables 2.5.3 Capital Costs 2.5.4 Operating Costs 2.5.5 Sensitivity of Capital and Operating Costs 2.6 Performance Guarantees 2.6.1 Facility Availability 2.6.2 Facility Capacity 2.6.3 Environmental Guarantee 2.7 Marketing 2.7.1 Market Concerns for Recovered Wastepaper 2.7.2 Market Concerns for Recovered Steel Containers 2.7.3 Market Concerns for Recovered Glass 2.7.4 Market Concerns for Recovered Aluminum 3. General MRF Concerns 3.1 Siting and Permitting Concerns 3.2 Contracting Issues 3.2.1 Contractual Arrangements 3.2.2 Flow ControlAppendix A: GlossaryAppendix B: Material Grades and SpecificationsAppendix C: Examples of Maintenance ProcedureBibliography