Recrystallization and Related Annealing Phenomena book cover

Recrystallization and Related Annealing Phenomena

Related Annealing Phenomena fulfils the information needs of materials scientists in both industry and academia. The subjects treated in the book are all active research areas, forming a major part of at least four regular international conference series. This new 2nd edition ensures the reader has access to the latest findings, essential to those working at the forefront of research in universities and laboratories. For those in industry, the book highlights applications of the research and technologically important examples. In particular, the 2nd edition builds on the significant progress made recently in the following key areas:• Deformed state, including deformation to very large strains• Characterisation of microstructures by electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD)• Modelling and simulation of annealing. • Continuous recrystallization.


Graduate through active materials scientists and materials engineers in industry involved in the characterization, modelling and thermal treatment of metals

Hardbound, 712 Pages

Published: August 2015

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-08-098235-9


    1. Introduction
    2. The deformed state
    3. Deformation textures
    4. The structure and energy of grain boundaries
    5. The mobility and migration of boundaries
    6. Recovery after deformation
    7. Recrystallization of single-phase alloys
    8. Grain Boundary Engineering (NEW)
    9. Recrystallization of ordered materials
    10. Recrystallization of two-phase alloys
    11. The growth and stability of cellular microstructures
    12. Grain growth following recrystallization
    13. Grain growth in non-crystallizing systems (NEW)
    14. Recrystallization textures
    15. Hot deformation and dynamic restoration
    16. Continuous recrystallization during and after large strain deformation
    17. Control of recrystallization
    18. Computer modeling and simulation of annealing

    Appendix: Texture (NEW)

    Appendix: measurement (NEW)


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