Receptors as Supramolecular Entities

Edited by

  • G. Biggio
  • G.L. Gessa
  • P.F. Spano, University of Cagliari, Italy
  • E. Costa, NIMH, Washington, DC

This volume offers a panoramic view of the concepts that are being elaborated to reach a better understanding of the function of the receptors for the most important neurotransmitters operative in the brain. Receptor function is studied dynamically using transducer function measurements, changes in coupling efficiency during adaptation and drug action, and measurements of kinetic parameter for the binding of primary transmitter and cotransmitters to specific detectors
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Of interest to neuroscientists


Book information

  • Published: September 1983
  • Imprint: PERGAMON
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-029804-7

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements. Preface. Introduction. Radioligand binding studies of dopamine receptors in the central nervous system, I. Creese, A.L. Morrow et al. Inhibitory coupling of dopamine receptors to adenylate cyclase in rat anterior pituitary, P. Onali, J.P. Schartz & E. Costa. Possible functional meaning of the co-existence of monoamines and peptides in the same neurons: a study on the interactions between cholecystokinin-8 and dopamine in the brain, L.F. Agnati, K. Fuxe et al. Behavioral effects of prolactin: the involvement of brain dopamine, F. Drago, J.M. van Pee et al. DA autoreceptors in the substanti nigra: their involvement in the control of nigral DA synthesis, A. Argiolas, M.R. Melis et al. Modifications of dopamine receptors in rat striatum after chronic administration of L-Dopa, M. Cimino, M.Lipartiti et al. D2 receptors modulating dopamine synthesis in striatal synaptosomes, A.H. Tissari. Evidence against the D1 and D2 dopamine receptor hypothesis: studies with sulpiride, G.N. Woodruff, J.A. Poat & S.B. Freedman. Sulpiride and other benzamides as specific antagonists at the D2 dopamine receptor, P.F. Spano, E. Carboni et al. Estrogen modulation of dopamine autoreceptors, F. Bernardi, M.P. Piccardi et al.