Recent Advances in Neuropsychopharmacology book cover

Recent Advances in Neuropsychopharmacology

This CINP meeting brings together clinicians and basic scientists from many disciplines for the integration of knowledge necessary for the treatment of disorders of the central nervous systems, whether manifested by psychiatric, neurologic or endocrine disorders

For psychiatrists, psychologists, pharmacologists, biochemists, endocrinologists and others engaged in the field of neuro-psychiatric diseases.

Included in series
Advances in the Biosciences


Published: April 1981

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-026382-3


  • Psychostimulants in psychiatric research. Evaluation of psychotropic drugs in general practice. Blood platelets as a model system for central monoaminergic neurons. Anxiety: neurotransmitters, pathways and drugs. Biochemistry of the human CSF. Towards a biochemical classification of psychiatric disorders. Pharmacokinetic studies of psychotropic drugs.


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