Recent Advances in Metabolic Syndrome – II - ECAB book cover

Recent Advances in Metabolic Syndrome – II - ECAB

India in particular and South-Asia in general have witnessed a rapid increase in the prevalence and incidence of cardiovascular disease over the past 25 years. Lifestyles changes, unhealthy diet, lack of regular physical exercise, and obesity have all led to rising prevalence of metabolic syndrome. It is of no wonder that metabolic syndrome is being increasingly recognized as a clinical entity which is believed to be associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease beyond individual risk factors, though this is at times debated. This monograph addresses the total nuance of metabolic syndrome in its entirety and answers questions frequently asked on this subject. The authors are internationally respected investigators in their own right having made major contributions in the particular field and are revered teachers as well. The book itself has clear sections which makes it very user friendly and divided into two volumes. The book rightfully deals with management of the syndrome and lays emphases not only on lifestyle measures (which are a cornerstone) but also judicious use of pharmacotherapy and also surgical techniques currently in use.


Published: June 2012

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-81-312-3219-4


  • Approach to Evaluation of Metabolic Syndrome

    Pathogenesis of Metabolic Syndrome: An Issue of Modern Lifestyle

    Hypogonadism and Metabolic Syndrome

    Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Metabolic Syndrome

    Pharmacologic Treatment of Hyperglycemia Associated with Metabolic Syndrome

    Physical Exercise in Metabolic Syndrome

    Surgical Therapies in Management of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome


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