Recent Advances in Magnetic Insulators - From Spintronics to Microwave Applications

Edited by

  • Mingzhong Wu, Colorado State University, USA
  • Axel Hoffmann, Argonne National Laboratory, USA

This volume of Solid State Physics provides a broad review on recent advances in the field of magnetic insulators, ranging from new spin effects to thin film growth and high-frequency applications. It covers both theoretical and experimental progress. The topics include the use of magnetic insulators to produce and transfer spin currents, the excitation of spin waves in magnetic insulators by spin transfer torque, interplay between the spin and heat transports in magnetic insulator/normal metal heterostructures, nonlinear spin waves in thin films, development of high-quality nanometer thick films, and applications of magnetic insulators in rf, microwave, and terahertz devices, among others. The volume not only presents introductions and tutorials for those just entering the field, but also provides comprehensive yet timely summaries to specialists in the field.

Solid-state physics is the branch of physics primarily devoted to the study of matter in its solid phase, especially at the atomic level. This prestigious series presents timely and state-of-the-art reviews pertaining to all aspects of solid-state physics.

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Book information

  • Published: November 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-408130-7

Table of Contents

  1. Spin-Wave Spin Current in Magnetic Insulators
    K. Uchida, H. Adachi, Y. Kajiwara, S. Maekawa and E. Saitoh
  2. Spin Wave Excitation in Magnetic Insulator Thin Films by Spin-Transfer Torque
    J. Xiao, Y. Zhou and G.E.W. Bauer
  3. Charge, Spin, and Heat Transport in the Proximity of Metal/Ferromagnet Interface
    S.Y. Huang, D. Qu, and C.L. Chien
  4. Control of Pure Spin Current by Magnon Tunneling and Three-Magnon Splitting in Insulating Yttrium Iron Garnet Films
    O. Dzyapko, H. Kurebayashi, V.E. Demidov and S.O. Demokritov
  5. Spin Pumping and Spin Currents in Magnetic Insulators
    M. Weiler, G. Woltersdorf, M. Althammer, H. Huebl and S.T.B. Goennenwein
  6. Yttrium Iron Garnet Nano Films: Epitaxial Growth, Spin Pumping Efficiency, and Pt Capping-Caused Damping
    Y. Sun and M. Wu
  7. Nonlinear Spin Waves in Magnetic Films and Structures: Physics and Devices
    B.A. Kalinikos and A.B. Ustinov
  8. Ferrites for RF Devices
    Y.-K. Hong and J. Lee
  9. Impact of Structural and Magnetic Anisotropies in Microwave Ferrites
    Y. Chen and V.G. Harris
  10. Dielectric Resonance in Ferrites for Sub-THz Signal Processing Devices
    G. Srinivasan, M.A. Popov and I.V. Zavislyak