Recent Advances in Cytometry, Part A book cover

Recent Advances in Cytometry, Part A

Instrumentation, Methods

Cytometry is one of the most rapidly growing methodologies available for basic cell and molecular biology, cytogenetics, immunology, oncology, environmental sciences and also various fields of clinical medicine. This new edition, split into 2 Parts, is an almost completely new book, with nearly all of the chapters devoted to new topics. Like the previous volumes on cytometry published as part of the Methods in Cell Biology series, it provides a comprehensive description of particular cytometric methods and reviews their applications. Chapters present the theoretical foundations of the described methods, their applicability in experimental laboratory and clinical settings, and describes common traps and pitfalls such as problems with data interpretation, comparison with alternative assays, and choosing the optimal assay.


Researchers and students in cell, molecular and developmental biology

Included in series
Methods in Cell Biology

Hardbound, 600 Pages

Published: June 2011

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-374912-3


    1. Recent advances in Cytometry Instrumentation, Probes and Methods
    2. Anja Mittag, Arkadiusz Pierzchalski, and Attila Tárnok

      Section I. Down-sizing cytometry to "micro" dimension

    3. Droplet Microfluidics for High-throughput Analysis of Cells and Particles
    4. Michele Zagnoni and Jonathan M. Cooper

    5. Parallel Imaging Microfluidic Cytometer
    6. Daniel J. Ehrlich, Brian K. McKenna, James G. Evans, Anna C. Belkina, Gerald V. Denis, David H. Sherr and Man Ching Cheung

    7. Microfluidic Systems for Live Cell Imaging
    8. Philip Lee, Terry Gaige and Paul Hung

    9. Rise of the micro-machines: microfluidics and the future of cytometry
    10. Donald Wlodkowic and Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz

    11. Label-Free Resistive-Pulse Cytometry
    12. M. R. Chapman and L. L. Sohn

      Section II. Imaging cytometry


    13. Laser Scanning Cytometry and Its Applications: A Pioneering Technology in the Field of Quantitative Imaging Cytometry
    14. Melvin Henriksen, Bruce Miller, Judith Newmark, Yousef Al-Kofahi and Elena Holden

    15. Analytical capabilities of ImageStream cytometer
    16. Ewa K. Zuba-Surma and Mariusz Z. Ratajczak

    17. Laser scanning cytometry: capturing the immune system in situ
    18. Mairi A McGrath, Angela M Morton and Margaret M Harnett

    19. Image cytometry analysis of circulating tumor cells
    20. Lori E. Lowes, David Goodale, Michael Keeney and Alison L. Allan

    21. Pre-clinical Applications of Quantitative Imaging Cytometry to Support Drug Discovery
    22. David L Krull and Richard A Peterson

    23. Leveraging Image Cytometry for the Development of Clinically Feasible Biomarkers: Evaluation of Activated Caspase-3 in Fine Needle Aspirate Biopsies
    24. Gloria Juan, Stephen J. Zoog and John Ferbas

    25. Automation of the buccal micronucleus cytome assay using laser scanning cytometry
    26. Wayne R. Leifert, Maxime François, Philip Thomas, Ed Luther, Elena Holden and Michael Fenech

    27. Laser Scanning Cytometry of Mitosis:state and stage analysis
    28. Tammy Stefan and James W. Jacobberger

      Section III. Instrumentation, new probes and methods

    29. Lasers in Flow Cytometry
    30. William G. Telford

    31. The use of hollow fiber membranes combined with cytometry in analysis of bacteriological samples
    32. Kawiak J, Stachowiak R, Lyżniak M, Bielecki J, Granicka L

    33. Guide to red fluorescent proteins and biosensors for flow cytometry
    34. Kiryl D. Piatkevich and Vladislav V. Verkhusha

    35. Quantum Dot Technology in Flow Cytometry
    36. Pratip K. Chattopadhyay

    37. Background-free Cytometry Using Rare Earth Complex Bioprobes
    38. Dayong Jin

    39. Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) Cytometry
    40. John P. Nolan and David S. Sebba

    41. Recent Advances in Flow Cytometric Cell Sorting

    Geoffrey W. Osborne


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