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Reading Research

A User-Friendly Guide for Health Professionals

This practical beginner-level introduction to health sciences research is ideal for both students and health professionals. It assumes the reader has little or no experience with analyzing published research, and provides guidelines for reading and understanding research articles, as well as information about important elements of published research (e.g., research methods, common terminology, data analysis and results). The book also briefly discusses how research results can be used and applied to practice.

1st year Registered Nursing students and 2nd year Practical Nursing students

Online version,

Published: November 2011

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-1-927406-12-0


  • "An excellent practical resource, which is user-friendly and helpful for understanding and reading research. It provides useful tips; exercises and weblinks to further enhance the understanding within the book...The highlights are the simplicity of the book in terms of how it has been practically applied and the level of enhanced understanding for those new or in the early stages of research. It also provides an excellent reference book for those already undertaking research with good reminders and clear explanations...This book would be useful to healthcare professionals new to and experienced in research who want to enhance their understanding in reading research reports and undertaking their own research."

    Nursing Times, April 2013

    "This practical, beginner-level introduction to health sciences research guides us through the questions we should ask we as we read. It is an accessible resource for those with little or no experience of analysing published research, explaining common technology, data analysis and results...It includes an excellent glossary and bibliography, with worksheets to help examine the validity of systematic reviews and qualitative and quantitative and mixed-methods research...Overall, this is a most useful book."

    Nursing Standard, June 2013


  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: Easy Steps for Reading Research
    Chapter 3: Where to Find Interesting Research Results
    Chapter 4: Using Research Results
    Journals that Publish Peer-Reviewed Research
    Qualitative Research: The Reader’s Companion Worksheet
    Quantitative Research: The Reader’s Companion Worksheet
    Mixed Methods Research: The Reader’s Companion Worksheet
    Systematic Reviews: The Reader’s Companion Worksheet
    Using Research Results: The Reader’s Companion Worksheet


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