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Railroad Economics

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Researchers, professionals & Students

Hardbound, 292 Pages

Published: July 2007

Imprint: Jai Press (elsevier)

ISBN: 978-0-7623-1255-9


  • Ch. 1: Introduction – Scott M. Dennis and Wayne K. TalleyCh. 2: Evolution of Railroad Economics – W. G. Waters IICh. 3: A Hedonic Cost Function Approach to Estimating Railroad Costs – John D. Bitzan and Wesley W. WilsonCh. 4: Spatially Generated Transportation Demands – Kenneth Train and Wesley W. WilsonCh. 5: Rail Passenger Demand Forecasting: Cross-Sectional Models Revisited – Mark Wardman, William Lythgoe and Gerard WhelanCh. 6: Railroad Pricing and Revenue-To-Cost Margins in the Post-Staggers Era – M. Ivaldi and G. McCulloughCh. 7: Options for Restructuring the State-Owned Monopoly Railway – Russell PittmanCh. 8: Trespassing on the Railroad – Ian SavageCh. 9: Energy Use and Pollutant Emissions Impacts of Shortline Railroad Abandonment – Michael W. Babcock and James L. BunchCh. 10: Earnings Differentials of Railroad Managers and Labor – James Peoples and Wayne K. Talley


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