Radon and the Environment


  • William J. Makoofske, Ramapo College, NJ, USA
  • Michael R. Edelstein, Ramapo College, NJ, USA

Proceedings of a conference that was sponsored by the Institute of Environmental Studies at Ramapo College of New Jersey on May 8, 9, and 10, 1986.
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Environmental engineers.


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  • Published: December 1988
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-1161-8

Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction Overview of the Radon IssueSection 2: The Geographic Distribution of Radon Introduction and Summary of Section 2 Where is all the Radon From? Potential for Indoor Radon Hazards: A First Geologic Estimate The Influence of Geologic Environment on the Distribution of Uranium/Radon in New Jersey Geologic Controls on Radon Gas in Groundwater University of Pittsburgh Measurements in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania Highlights from the Discussion: The Geographic Distribution of RadonSection 3: Transmission and Mitigation of Radon Introduction and Summary of Section 3 Radon in Dwellings Rapid Diagnosis for Radon Sources in Homes Techniques and Economics of Radon Removal from Water Supplies Highlights from the DiscussionSection 4: Testing and Measurement Introduction and Summary of Section 4 Instruments and Methods for Measuring Indoor Radon and Radon Progeny Concentrations Track Etch Radon Detectors for Long-Term Radon Measurement Interim Indoor Radon and Radon Decay Product Measurement Protocols Highlights from the DiscussionSection 5: Radon and Health Introduction and Summary of Section 5 The Association Between Radon Daughter Exposure and Cancer Updating Radon Daughter Risk Projections Overview of Federal Radon Planning and Guidance Comment on the Health Presentations Highlights from the DiscussionSection 6: Perception of Risk and Pyschosocial Impacts of Radon Exposure Introduction and Summary of Section 6 Rating the Risks Response of the New Jersey Public to the Risk from Radon Communicating Radon Risk: Alerting the Apathetic and Reassuring the Hysterical Considering the Public Perception of Risj in the Development of a Radon Communications Program Media and the Perception of Radon Risk Psychological Impacts of Radon Gas Exposure Impacts of Living in High Level Radon Homes Highlights from the DiscussionSection 7: Socioeconomic Impacts of the Radon Issue Introduction and Summary of Section 7 The Legal Aspects of Radon The Impact of Radon Gas Concern Upon the Construction Trades and Codes The Role of Scientific Professionalism in Meeting the Public Need Fraud-Resistant Radon Measurements for Real Estate Transactions Highlights from the DiscussionSection 8: The Role of Government in Responding to Radon Gas Exposure Summary and Introduction to Section 8 The History of the Radon Issue The State Radon Sruvery Radon: The Federal Response The Radon Problem: A Federal Perspective The EPA Radon Action Program A Review of the Radon Programs