Radiographic Imaging and Exposure book cover

Radiographic Imaging and Exposure

With comprehensive coverage of both digital radiography and conventional film-screen radiography, RADIOGRAPHIC IMAGING AND EXPOSURE, 4th Edition helps you master the fundamental principles of imaging, produce clear images, and reduce the number of repeat radiographs. This practical text also includes Important Relationship, Mathematical Application, and Patient Protection Alert features throughout to provide helpful information every step of the way.


Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-09639-3


  • Chapter 1 Radiation and Its Discovery

    Chapter 2 The X-ray Beam

    Chapter 3 Image Formation and Radiographic Quality

    Chapter 4 Exposure Technique Factors

    Chapter 5 Scatter Control

    Chapter 6 Image Receptors and Image Acquisition

    Chapter 7 Image Processing and Display

    Chapter 8 Exposure Technique Selection

    Chapter 9 Image Evaluation

    Chapter 10 Dynamic Imaging: Fluoroscopy

    Appendix A Summary of Important Relationships

    Appendix B Summary of Mathematical Applications

    Appendix C Summary of Patient Protection Alerts

    Appendix D Chapter 9: Image Evaluation Answer Key

    Chapter Review Answer Key

    Illustration Credits

    Glossary of Key Terms


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